Apple’s Back to School Promotion

What is Apple’s Back to School Promotion? Basically, the deal is that when you purchase a new qualifying Mac with Apple education pricing from June 16, 2011, through September 20, 2011, you’ll get a free $100 Back to School Card. You can use the Back to School Card on the Mac App Store, the App Store, the iTunes Store, and the iBookstore.

If you buy a Mac after the June 6, 2011, you are eligible to request an up-to-date upgrade. The upgrade will allow you to upgrade to Lion for free. You must request your Up-to-Date upgrade within 30 days of purchasing a new Mac computer.

Who qualifies for this promotion? College students or students accepted to college, parents buying for college students or students accepted to college, or faculty or staff members at any grade level qualify.

How do you get your $100 Back to School Card? First, you must shop for a Mac at either the Apple Online Store for Education, the Apple Retail Store, the Apple Authorized Campus Store, or call 1-800-MY-APPLE. Second, you will either get your free Back to School Card with your order automatically if you order it at the Apple Retail Store or Apple Online Store or you’ll have to submit your claim online and get your code via email. Third, you will enter the code on your Back to School Card in your iTunes Account to redeem the $100.

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The Beatles

Earlier this week, Apple had the entire world waiting  on this big announcement and nobody knew what was  going to happen. There was even speculation of new  piece of hardware like a newer version of the iPod or  iPhone. However, none of this was the case. Instead we  found out that they added the Beatles to iTunes. Now, I  know I asked myself this, and you may have too. Why  should I care? Now all being said and done, the Beatles  were and, let’s be honest, are a great band. But are they  really worth an Apple release date? I don’t know. But I  do know that the Beatles were a revolutionary symbol to their generation, and everyone living at that time. If you think about the 1960’s or even early rock, everyone thinks about the Beatles. They have joined the ranks of Mozart and Beethoven when someone talks about music. Now you are asking yourself, well why does Apple care? There is a simple answer to that. Apple is to the electronics as the Beatles are to music. Apple is a major symbol of the electronic age, and I am almost willing to assume that in 50 years, people will still remember Apple, even if they go out of business long before then. So maybe I am reading too much into this. It can happen. But I don’t think Steve Jobs would have a “special announcement” just for the Beatles, if somewhere in his mind he didn’t think the very same thing. Also, as if that wasn’t enough, if you go to the AppleApple website at, and click on the links about the Beatles’ announcement, they give around a five page full biography on the life of the Beatles. By bringing in the example of the Beatles, Steve Jobs just showed us how he wants Apple to be in the future.

Average Joe's Tips

How to: Report an Accidental Purchase in the iTunes Store

Multiple times while using iTunes I had accidentally purchased a song twice not knowing that I had it before. To do this there are multiple quick and easy steps to this starting with opening iTunes and signing in. After that click on “Store” on the top and then click “View my account:_____.” Then click on the “Purchase History” and in the top section under “Latest Purchases” you will see a list of your recent purchases. On the right side of the item you purchased, the link “Report a Problem” will be there and it will bring you to the Apple iTunes Support website. From there you can select your problem and it will bring up things that you can do to fix the problem or you can email Apple’s iTunes Store Customer Service.

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