Apple’s Back to School Promotion

What is Apple’s Back to School Promotion? Basically, the deal is that when you purchase a new qualifying Mac with Apple education pricing from June 16, 2011, through September 20, 2011, you’ll get a free $100 Back to School Card. You can use the Back to School Card on the Mac App Store, the App Store, the iTunes Store, and the iBookstore.

If you buy a Mac after the June 6, 2011, you are eligible to request an up-to-date upgrade. The upgrade will allow you to upgrade to Lion for free. You must request your Up-to-Date upgrade within 30 days of purchasing a new Mac computer.

Who qualifies for this promotion? College students or students accepted to college, parents buying for college students or students accepted to college, or faculty or staff members at any grade level qualify.

How do you get your $100 Back to School Card? First, you must shop for a Mac at either the Apple Online Store for Education, the Apple Retail Store, the Apple Authorized Campus Store, or call 1-800-MY-APPLE. Second, you will either get your free Back to School Card with your order automatically if you order it at the Apple Retail Store or Apple Online Store or you’ll have to submit your claim online and get your code via email. Third, you will enter the code on your Back to School Card in your iTunes Account to redeem the $100.

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Apple’s new books, we love our developers

Apple is giving Christmas presents early for Mac and iOS developers. These eBooks are available in the iBookstore which is free when you download it through your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. Apple is giving out six free development books on Mac OS X and iOS development. The books have just come out on the iBook application as of December 17, 2010. These books aren’t new, but they haven’t been available in the iBookstore. You can still download them in a PDF version at Many developers have already started on the PDF version, but it is handier to carry around the version in the iBookstore. You can read it anywhere you are such as riding a bus, at the coffee shop, or just for fun at home.

The six titles that are available are: Cocoa Fundamental’s Guide, The Objective-C Programming Language, iOS Application Programming Guide, Object Oriented Programming With Objective-C, iOS Technology Overview, and iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Many international developers have said that they can’t see that some books in the iBookstore. Apple has concentrated on getting more developers to make new games. Apple shows that they do care about their developers and by giving them free books, it shows that they want their App Store to continue to grow. Apple has been a dominate figure for developers because apps have been a huge success with Apple. Without developers, there wouldn’t be any handy devices or fun games. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to live without my games.