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How to: Mount an ISO on Mac

There are many different type of images that you may need to mount on your Mac. Mounting an ISO on a Mac is simpler than you may think. Simply, open Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/). From Disk Utility, go to File and click “Open Disk Image.” Disk Utility is not limited to ISO images, but can also open dmg and img files.

If you prefer the command line, input the following line into your shell: hdiutil mount sample.iso. Remember to specify the path of your iso file, using the above command assumes the iso is in your home directory. If the iso is on your desktop, input: hdiutil mount ~/Desktop/sample.iso. That will mount the sample.iso file that exists on the Desktop.

Average Joe's Tips

Top 5 Essential Applications for Every iPhone User

Guest Post:

I know that there are a lot of similar articles reviewing top 5/10 and so on of essential applications every iPhone user may need but I think that the majority of such reviews are based on the personal preferences of a reviewer while I’ll in the following post to describe the so-called “default” applications actually everyone who uses an iPhone may need despite his age, occupation and social status. Surely, you are free to add to my top 5 your own essential applications you got used to apply day by day and can’t imagine your life without their features.

Find My Phone won’t make you an iPhone “loser”!

Offered for free in the AppStore

This is one of those programs that should be installed to all iPhones. The application was developed by Apple and it is strange that it is not included by default, along with a calculator and other standard software on an iPhone. To prevent a disaster after the accident loss of your iPhone, you can use this smart program. Find My Phone gives a chance to find your Apple’s device anywhere worldwide, as well as to protect all personal data a stolen/lost iPhone keeps.

To let Find My Phone determine the location of your smartphone, it must be connected with the iCloud service (choose “Settings” to set up this connection). The application is available for free in the AppStore and runs on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad having iOS 3.1.3 or higher.

Gplayer allows playing any format of audio and video files on your iPhone

Price in the AppStore: $ 2.99

 The diversity of media formats is constantly growing, but by default an iPhone still supports only.MOV and ALAC. Gplayer is a video/audio player and video converter for your Apple’s phone. This app plays on an iPhone video and audio in any format. A Gplayer lite version is also free for the users of the AppStore.

Supported formats are:

  • Audio: WMA, OGG, MP3, WAV, FLAC;
  • Video: MKV, RMVB, XVID / DIVX AVI, WMV, ASF, H264, TS, M2TS;
  • Subtitles: TXT, SMI, SUB, ASS, SRT.

Gplayer is compatible with the iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPod touch 3 and 4 and iPad.

DropBox: probably the best “cloud” service for storing and sharing data!

Distributed for free in the AppStore

I’m sure you are aware of Dropbox being is of the most convenient cutting-edge “cloud” services for storing and sharing files. Users of iPhone/iPad can also access their DropBox’s accounts via their smartphones and tablets.

The program runs fast enough, folders are displayed almost instantly. Through the application I can access not only those files on my hard drive, but also to the resources other Dropbox users chose to share with public via this “cloud” service. Any file can be downloaded and viewed on iPhone and then saved on a hard drive while you are calling your friends or listening to music on iPhone. The program allows you to view all major file types – PDF, Word, Excel and even Pages. You can add any file to the folder “Favorites” and then it will be available in an offline mode. To the service can be also downloaded made by iPhone photos or videos.

To sum up, I must say that this application has a user-friendly interface, supports an ability to view files within an application, can playing music files and allows downloading files from the iPad/iPhone to Dropbox service.

Skype for iPhone — because it’s better to use to call for free!

Free distribution in the AppStore

 Skype for iPhone is an official mobile application released by the developers of the popular VOIP software — Skype. This mobile application allows making free calls worldwide and it is available on all devices supporting iOS – iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Via this smart program you will be able to communicate with friends, family and friends wherever you are, using IM chat, audio and video (webcam) calls. Skype for iPhone application supports video calls via WiFi and 3G, can connect via calls computers and other mobile devices, offers a profound video display in two modes, as well as a vibration reduction technology that allows you to communicate on the go. I can’t tell more about SKYPE than you already know since it is one of the most popular VOIP program all over the world.

Evernote makes is easier to keep your notes and files organized!

Free download from the AppStore

 Evernote is very useful and free application that allows you to store various data (files, notes, to-do lists and so on) on any device, including MacBooks and iPhones. By means of program you can quickly take notes, create a to-do list, or simply save an image. There’s even a voice memo recording function I constantly use and like.

Evernote’s features you will definitely like:

  • Sync any note on any device;
  • Create to-do lists and text files as well as notes;
  • Support of the synchronization of different files;
  • Transfer the saved files to your PC and vice versa;
  • Create memos;
  • Search text data in the images;
  • Send multiple files to friends by e-mail;
  • Share your notes on Twitter and Facebook.

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News Opinion

Day 1 as an Apple Employee

According to Business Insider, the typical goal of a new hire orientation at most companies is to excite the employees with the new company. Employees are typically greeted with a shiny new computer and company swag. While some of this is similar to Apple, day 1 as an Apple employee requires you to setup a shiny new Mac.

That’s right, no tech support. Apple assumes that if they hired you, you must be smart enough to setup a new computer. This unique way of approaching technology helps break the ice by having employees help one another.

Apple has been notoriously know for their secrecy. The head of security tells the new employees that they will be fired if they leak information. Apple has even been heard to have place employees on “fake products” before they think they can trust them.

The unique part of Apple’s culture can be linked to the success Apple has had over the past few years. Does revolutionizing industries such as the phone and music industry require this magnitude of strictness to produce results?

What do you think about Apple’s unique culture? Can you argue with their unique ways if they produce phenomenal results?


Review: OmniFocus

After being swamped with a multitude of tasks, the next step was to determine how to finish all of these tasks. When OmniFocus launches, it becomes apparent that the developers of OmniFocus wanted to build a great Getting Things Done (GTD) application. OmniFocus is a complex beast, but the features OmniFocus provides are invaluable. OmniFocus can be found on the Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Task Management

OmniFocus excels in task management. The key to the OmniFocus task management is that it allows the user to create a task and have the actions required to complete the action. One of the reasons why task management programs do not provide success for the user is because the task added can be very abstract. The abstract task they want to accomplish requires many different actions to complete the task. OmniFocus aids the user to breakdown the task into the actions that will bring successful completion of the task. This is one of the most powerful features of OmniFocus.


OmniFocus launches to a basic user interface that allows complete customization of the application from the toolbar to view. Since OmniFocus contains complexity in the organization of actions, this requires you to open the Inspector using more screen real estate.


Unlike other GTD applications, OmniFocus triumphs in the syncing of the application. OmniFocus allows for local network, MobileMe, WebDav, Disk or even the Omni Sync Server. The Omni Sync Server allows for Over-the-Air (OTA) syncing. This is a definite plus not only to backup the current OmniFocus database, but to also sync the database to other mobile devices.


The Omni Group does a great job implementing the application in the mobile environment. Currently, OmniFocus is available for iPhone and iPad and can sync your OmniFocus Mac version OTA, so you will always have your tasks on the go. Additionally, the option of OTA allows for an automated and cloud stored version of the OmniFocus database as well as no hassle between syncing versions. The iOS version of OmniFocus does a great job of providing the majority of features of the Mac version to the iOS versions. The iOS versions use location for its advantage by providing helpful information for the user when creating or using a task.

Closing thoughts

OmniFocus helps ensure that projects will be completed through the breakdown of actions that are required for a project to be completed. In addition to the breakdown of actions, OmniFocus provides users with an option of OTA syncing which can allows for the backup of the database as well as no hassle syncing between devices. A major setback to the adoption of OmniFocus is the price of the application. OmniFocus for Mac costs: $79.99 and the iPhone version costs: $19.99, but the value of OmniFocus outweighs the cost. OmniFocus provides the tools to mark tasks off of your tasks list. Take OmniFocus for a spin, visit the site the OmniFocus site.


Apple WWDC: Windows vs. Mac OS X

To start the week of Apple’s WWDC 2011, we thought we would kick it off with some humor. The video above is of Bertrand Serlet showing ‘similarities’ between Mac OS X and Windows Vista.