Review: Dry Case

What is the DryCASE? The DryCASE was developed by Dry Corp. The DryCASE is a waterproof case that can be used to protect your phone, camera, iPod, and more from water. The DryCASE has many uses, such as for listening to music by connecting waterproof headphones to the headphone jack or for taking pictures with your camera underwater. Before we get into the details, let’s first break it down a bit:


  • Name: DryCASE
  • Brand: Dry Corp
  • Price: $39.99
  • Warranty: One year warranty

Point – Scaled Grading

Style: 1-25 Given: 19

Price: 1-15 Given: 13

Quality materials: 1-15 Given: 12

Brand name: 1-10 Given: 5

Modern technologies: 1-15 Given: 13

Compatibility: 1-15 Given: 12

Ease of use: 1-5 Given: 4

OVERALL: 78/100 C+


  • Style: It is designed with the purpose to keep water out, which it definitely accomplishes, but the style is sacrificed in order to keep the electronic devices dry.
  • Price: The DryCASE is aggressively priced. Most waterproof cases range from $25-$50, and the DryCASE offers a unique style. Do you really want to use your electronics near water? If so, the DryCASE should be taken into consideration.
  • Quality materials: The DryCASE is not a case for normal use. The materials are suitable for keeping the water out and away from your electronic devices. The materials feel very cheap and fragile, yet the product still works effectively. Just make sure you don’t drop your device, because the case will not protect it.
  • Brand name: Dry Corp is not one of the more popular Apple case makers. However, in terms of waterproof technologies, they have a solid reputation.
  • Modern technologies: The case itself is a fairly new idea. The DryCASE gives you the ability to use the headphone jack — but remember to use waterproof headphones.
  • Compatibility: The case is very universal. The downfall is that it is a “one size fits all” type of case, which doesn’t allow for some devices to fit. Dry Corp also sells the DryCASE Folio, which is made for the iPad, Kindle, and other tablets.
  • Ease of use: The DryCASE is easy to use — it’s pretty simple. The contents include a small paper containing the instructions. The instructions tell you how to use the case, but they don’t tell you how to put on the armband that is included other than putting it in the slot on the back of the case — we would have liked to see more clearer instructions.

Final Thoughts

The DryCASE is a case that can provide waterproof protections to your portable electronic devices. I would recommend putting a small piece of paper in the case and testing the case out before using it, so you don’t have to put your electronics in jeopardy if the case fails to work. The case itself is only useful if you are planning to use it for the purpose of keeping the water away from your electronics. If you are constantly near water and using your electronics, such as at the beach or near the swimming pool, you should buy this product. So go ahead and “Get Your Tech Wet”.

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Counterfiet iPods, really now?

What has the world come too? Fake iPods, iPhones, and iPod touches that were brought in from Asia have been sold and bought around the CES this past year. Police from the port of os Angeles have seized over $10 million worth of counterfeit Apple device from a warehouse. Many sellers have been selling them around certain parts of California, but the police are not sure how much further they have gone. Many customers have bought these fake iPod’s for cheap, but not cheap enough to raise awareness about them. Cops have reported that they have found receipts along with other stolen and counterfeit items bringing in about $7 million in profit. Customers have said that these iPod’s look extremely real until you turn on the screen. Customers have been allowed to touch and feel the product, but were not allowed to turn the product on. I would think that if you can’t turn the product on, wouldn’t you be suspicious?

So far, two brothers have been arrested, and the two of them face total of four felony counts for the sale of counterfeit goods. The seizure was a result of an ongoing stolen cargo investigation that has been going on around Los Angeles and Vernon, CA late last year. I would think that there are many other sellers out there that are selling more counterfeit products. Apple has been a huge success, but with success comes fake products and people that take advantage of the poor economy. Not that many people can afford a $200 piece of technology these days. Whenever they find the product for a really good deal, of course they are going to jump on the opportunity. I don’t blame them either; I would want an iPod touch really badly after seeing many people on busses playing with them. How far would people really go in order to make money? Is it really worth it to make these counterfeit items, but also knowing that at any moment, you can get caught? Let us know, drop a comment below.



Which iOS features should be on the Mac OS X?

Which iOS features would you want on your Mac? Touch screen definitely sounds like a fun feature for the Mac. Wouldn’t it be cool to change your Mac into a touch screen like an iPhone and change it back? There are rumors that Apple is planning to make an iMac with a screen that pivots into a horizontal touch mode. It sounds like it will be a combination of a Mac and an iPad. It sounds like they should call it a MacBook touch or something like that. Combining the features of both would be really cool because the touch screen is what attracts many users to iOS devices. There are also many other features that would be great for Mac OS X.

Virtual iPhone dashboard widgets could be a possible feature for Mac OS X. Your Mac would have a screen that looks similar to an iPhones, with wallpaper, apps, and etc. It would be easy to organize your programs and it would make use of all the free space on your desktop. When you look at your Mac desktop, it looks very empty and spacious, but your iOS devices have different pages of apps. Some may prefer to have this feature offered on their Mac. It should be an optional feature.

What else does your iOS device do that your Mac doesn’t? Your iOS device has the option to alert you automatically if you receive an email, even if your device is on sleep mode. Wouldn’t it be smart to give that feature to your Mac? The idea of having your Mac alert you that you have received a new email while the Mac is on sleep mode is fairly simple. Apple should definitely allow people to use that feature and for those that don’t want to, turn it off.

Have you ever noticed that when you play music off your iPod touch or your iPhone, it is simple and organized, but when you play music off iTunes, it can look pretty cluttered? Don’t you think it is time that Apple made an iPod app or Music app on your computer that may be simpler and more organized then your iTunes? I think so. Also, my iTunes can be really slow, so I think having an iPod app might help.

When you are outside, you take out your iPhone and can surf the internet from wherever if you have 3G, right? If you are lost, you can just check your GPS on your iPhone too and find directions. There are many people that also take their MacBook everywhere, so shouldn’t they have the same features as an iPhone? Should there be 3G for the MacBook? I think that 3G should be made available for MacBook users, especially when it is made available for the iPad.

Another feature that iOS devices have is that many iOS apps have notifications that are provided by third-party software. It notifies you if there is new information and other important news. Apple should definitely provide a feature that provides notifications for your apps on your Mac too.

When you go on an airplane, you can click Airplane Mode on your iOS device. But can your Mac do that? Not that I know of. If Apple adds that feature, that will be really helpful to those that travel a lot with their MacBooks. You should definitely add that feature on so people don’t have to manually turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth separately.

Your iOS device has iBooks and Game Center, but your Mac still doesn’t have either of them. It is about time that Apple provides iBooks as a feature. If I wanted to read a book on my Mac, rather then my small iPhone, I would really want that feature. Game Center should also be a feature for Mac OS X. People get pretty competitive with gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s time for the competition to get started on the Mac.

All and all, I figure that Mac OS X definitely needs an upgrade. Why does iOS have so many features that Mac OS X doesn’t have? It’s not because it isn’t useful on the Mac, so it’s probably about time for Apple to improve Mac OS X. Once Mac OS X gets more features such as an iPod app and touch screen, I can’t wait to use my Mac.

What do you think?

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iTunes to go to the cloud with Safari?

First of all, let’s talk about Safari. What is Safari? Safari is a web browser. It is designed to remove the majority of distractions by having a browser frame that is a single pixel wide. The scroll bar appears only when needed. Safari works on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. Safari Reader removes distractions such as ads and helps you focus on the online articles you want to read. Safari also has Private Browsing, which makes it so Safari does not remember information such as your history and cookies.

Now let’s talk about iTunes. What is iTunes? iTunes is a free application that runs on Mac and PC. It organized your music and movies into a library. iTunes can play your music, movies, videos, and TV shows on your Mac or PC. iTunes also has the iTunes Stores, a marketplace that sells music, videos, movies, and TV shows for you to download for a cheap price. iTunes also makes it easy to sync your music and videos onto your iPod, iPad, and iPhone. iTunes can also wirelessly sync your iTunes library to your Apple TV.

There have been rumors that iTunes is going to the Cloud with Safari. Apple may be preparing to merge Safari and iTunes. In December 2009, Apple bought the company Lala for $80 million. Using the technology from Lala, Apple will be able to incorporate iTunes into Safari and permanently make iTunes a web-only application that is exclusive to Safari. If this happens, Safari will most likely become a more popular web browser.

If iTunes goes to the cloud, there will be advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of iTunes going to the cloud is that you will be able to access your whole entire library from anywhere where you have access to the internet. The disadvantage of iTunes going to the cloud is that you won’t have access to your library from your computer alone. All the music, videos, movies, and other stuff that you purchased from the iTunes store would not be stored onto your computer if iTunes goes to the cloud. If iTunes were to shut down, all the money you put into buying the music and videos would go to waste.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

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Steve Jobs on medical leave?

You all know that Apple makes great products such as the Mac and the iPod, but there is one thing you should all know. Everyone knows that Steve Jobs is the iconic figure for Apple. Steve Jobs is the co-founder and CEO at Apple. Everyone knows that without Steve Jobs, Apple would be very different. On January 17, 2011, Steve Jobs announced he would take his third medical leave in less than six years. With Steve Jobs taking medical leave, people can’t help but speculate what will happen if Steve Jobs leaves Apple for good. Apple’s stock always drops when Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence. Jobs also mentioned that he will still take part in the company’s major strategic decisions. Why is Steve Jobs so important? Apple is very unique when it comes to its products. Steve Jobs has an exceptional talent for creating new products that people want and love. He is able to think of various ideas and make it happen.

If Steve Job’s leaves, someone else will have to replace him. Will that person be just as good as Steve Jobs or better? While Steve Jobs is out on medical leave, COO Tim Cook has stepped in to take his place. Cook is known to focus on the company’s supply chain. Cook is also an important figure at Apple because his role in the company’s supply chain has made it so there are enough Apple products to meet the demand, while making sure there aren’t a ton of unsold products lying around. Maybe Tim Cook will replace Steve Jobs permanently if Steve Jobs leaves Apple. Not much is known about who will succeed Jobs after he finally decides to leave Apple for good.

When Steve Jobs sent the email to all Apple employees about his leave of absence, he asked for people to respect his privacy. Do you think people will really respect his privacy? There are many out there that want to know why he is taking a medical leave of absence and what is going to happen to Jobs. There are many who believe that Jobs should not have been given a liver two years ago. People believe that Jobs was given the liver due to his advantage of being a powerful, wealthy figure and that the liver might have been able to save someone else’s life who may have been on the waiting list for the liver. People want answers, and I don’t think they will respect Steve Jobs privacy.

What do you think?

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