Steve Jobs on medical leave?

You all know that Apple makes great products such as the Mac and the iPod, but there is one thing you should all know. Everyone knows that Steve Jobs is the iconic figure for Apple. Steve Jobs is the co-founder and CEO at Apple. Everyone knows that without Steve Jobs, Apple would be very different. On January 17, 2011, Steve Jobs announced he would take his third medical leave in less than six years. With Steve Jobs taking medical leave, people can’t help but speculate what will happen if Steve Jobs leaves Apple for good. Apple’s stock always drops when Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence. Jobs also mentioned that he will still take part in the company’s major strategic decisions. Why is Steve Jobs so important? Apple is very unique when it comes to its products. Steve Jobs has an exceptional talent for creating new products that people want and love. He is able to think of various ideas and make it happen.

If Steve Job’s leaves, someone else will have to replace him. Will that person be just as good as Steve Jobs or better? While Steve Jobs is out on medical leave, COO Tim Cook has stepped in to take his place. Cook is known to focus on the company’s supply chain. Cook is also an important figure at Apple because his role in the company’s supply chain has made it so there are enough Apple products to meet the demand, while making sure there aren’t a ton of unsold products lying around. Maybe Tim Cook will replace Steve Jobs permanently if Steve Jobs leaves Apple. Not much is known about who will succeed Jobs after he finally decides to leave Apple for good.

When Steve Jobs sent the email to all Apple employees about his leave of absence, he asked for people to respect his privacy. Do you think people will really respect his privacy? There are many out there that want to know why he is taking a medical leave of absence and what is going to happen to Jobs. There are many who believe that Jobs should not have been given a liver two years ago. People believe that Jobs was given the liver due to his advantage of being a powerful, wealthy figure and that the liver might have been able to save someone else’s life who may have been on the waiting list for the liver. People want answers, and I don’t think they will respect Steve Jobs privacy.

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