How to: Change the Scrolling Direction in Lion

In Mac OS X Lion, you may notice that when you scroll up or down, using two fingers on the trackpad, the content of the page scrolls up or down, instead of the window around the content. Mac OS X Lion adopted the iOS approach to scrolling, so if you move your fingers up, the page is moved up. In many cases, this is more convenient and more natural, but for some, they may prefer the old way of scrolling instead. I will break down the process of how to change the scrolling. If you are not using a trackpad or Magic Mouse, go to the Mouse options and uncheck “Move content in the direction of finger movement when scrolling and navigating”. If you are using a trackpad or Magic Mouse, here is how to do it.

First, click on on the Apple logo on the top left of your screen.

Second, click in System Preferences…

Third, click Trackpad

Fourth, click Scroll & Zoom and uncheck the Scroll direction: natural

There you go. You are now free to scroll however you like.
Feel free to leave comments and suggestions on which way of scrolling you prefer.


Get ready to meet the new MacBook Pro line!

According to MacRumors, they have a reliable source that informs them that the expected release date for the new MacBook Pro line is February 24, 2011. With the MacBooks being updated with Intel Core i5 and i7 chips last year, it is about time for the MacBook to be more up-to-date with Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors. The new processors should be much faster and require less energy consumption. We are expecting Apple to release five new models. There will be two new 13-inch versions, two new 15-inch versions, and one new 17-inch version. Apple will most likely use the sleek design from the MacBook Air and bring it to the MacBook Pro. There are also many more rumors out there for us to go over.

There have been rumors about Intel having to delay the Sandy Bridge chips, which was true. Can we be sure that the delay affected the new MacBook Pro? No, because we aren’t even a hundred percent sure that the new MacBook Pro will even implement the new Sandy Bridge processors. As for rumors about the design, it sounds completely plausible for the new MacBook Pro to look very similar to the MacBook Air, as the MacBook Air is Apple’s latest model. With Apple changing their website color to a color similar to liquid metal, rumors have it that Apple may use liquid metal instead of aluminum. There are also reports that Apple will use liquid metal in battery cases. Since Apple has received the rights to LiquidMetal patents, it would make sense that Apple would use that technology on their products. Another rumor about the design is that it will be lighter if they use the stronger, lighter, and scratch resistant aluminum material. There are also claims that they will have a longer battery life, which is very likely. Battery life usually last longer then the previous model when Apple comes out with a newer model.

As for price, the prices for the new MacBook Pros are rumored to be:

$1499 — 13 inch

$1199 — 13 inch

$2499 — 17 inch

$2199 — 15 inch

$1799 — 15 inch

The rumors will be put to the test on February 24, 2011. If the MacBook Pro is released on February 24, we will be able to see all the new features of the new MacBook Pro. As a matter of fact, February 24 happens to be Steve Jobs’ birthday, what a coincidence. I am excited to see what Apple has developed this time. It’s time to save up for a new MacBook Pro.

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Which iOS features should be on the Mac OS X?

Which iOS features would you want on your Mac? Touch screen definitely sounds like a fun feature for the Mac. Wouldn’t it be cool to change your Mac into a touch screen like an iPhone and change it back? There are rumors that Apple is planning to make an iMac with a screen that pivots into a horizontal touch mode. It sounds like it will be a combination of a Mac and an iPad. It sounds like they should call it a MacBook touch or something like that. Combining the features of both would be really cool because the touch screen is what attracts many users to iOS devices. There are also many other features that would be great for Mac OS X.

Virtual iPhone dashboard widgets could be a possible feature for Mac OS X. Your Mac would have a screen that looks similar to an iPhones, with wallpaper, apps, and etc. It would be easy to organize your programs and it would make use of all the free space on your desktop. When you look at your Mac desktop, it looks very empty and spacious, but your iOS devices have different pages of apps. Some may prefer to have this feature offered on their Mac. It should be an optional feature.

What else does your iOS device do that your Mac doesn’t? Your iOS device has the option to alert you automatically if you receive an email, even if your device is on sleep mode. Wouldn’t it be smart to give that feature to your Mac? The idea of having your Mac alert you that you have received a new email while the Mac is on sleep mode is fairly simple. Apple should definitely allow people to use that feature and for those that don’t want to, turn it off.

Have you ever noticed that when you play music off your iPod touch or your iPhone, it is simple and organized, but when you play music off iTunes, it can look pretty cluttered? Don’t you think it is time that Apple made an iPod app or Music app on your computer that may be simpler and more organized then your iTunes? I think so. Also, my iTunes can be really slow, so I think having an iPod app might help.

When you are outside, you take out your iPhone and can surf the internet from wherever if you have 3G, right? If you are lost, you can just check your GPS on your iPhone too and find directions. There are many people that also take their MacBook everywhere, so shouldn’t they have the same features as an iPhone? Should there be 3G for the MacBook? I think that 3G should be made available for MacBook users, especially when it is made available for the iPad.

Another feature that iOS devices have is that many iOS apps have notifications that are provided by third-party software. It notifies you if there is new information and other important news. Apple should definitely provide a feature that provides notifications for your apps on your Mac too.

When you go on an airplane, you can click Airplane Mode on your iOS device. But can your Mac do that? Not that I know of. If Apple adds that feature, that will be really helpful to those that travel a lot with their MacBooks. You should definitely add that feature on so people don’t have to manually turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth separately.

Your iOS device has iBooks and Game Center, but your Mac still doesn’t have either of them. It is about time that Apple provides iBooks as a feature. If I wanted to read a book on my Mac, rather then my small iPhone, I would really want that feature. Game Center should also be a feature for Mac OS X. People get pretty competitive with gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s time for the competition to get started on the Mac.

All and all, I figure that Mac OS X definitely needs an upgrade. Why does iOS have so many features that Mac OS X doesn’t have? It’s not because it isn’t useful on the Mac, so it’s probably about time for Apple to improve Mac OS X. Once Mac OS X gets more features such as an iPod app and touch screen, I can’t wait to use my Mac.

What do you think?

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The Real Mac 2010 Best Holiday Gifts

Every Christmas, your wish list should contain two things. The first being the things you want, while the second being the things you need. We at The Real Mac have gathered our genius minds together to find the best Holiday gifts to purchase will all the Holiday money. Like many geniuses, we couldn’t keep the number at 10, we had to better ourselves by going to our top 12 gift items.

1. Flashcard Touch
Who: The Students
What: This app is amazing. It allows you to create your own flashcards by hand, or by just entering in a term and automatically looking for a definition online. With this app, you can also get information off of Quizlet or another flashcard resource. Flashcard Touch will help the student in your life for their studying on the go
Price: $5
2. MacBook Family
Who: The Adults and Students
What: Some of the most favored features of Apple are the clean design and user interface of their MacBook lineup. Literally anyone can use that, and use them well. Depending on the flavor of MacBook each is made for different types of use. Therefore, even the youngest student of most un-tech-savvy adult can use an Apple computer.
Price: Starts at around $1000.

3. iPhones and iPads
Who: The Adults, Students, and Kids
What: Like the Apple Computers, these are also user friendly. But in this case, it is more than that. These devices allow you to do a large portion of your work on the go, be it using apps or answering email.
Price: iPhone starts at $199, iPad starts at $499

4. iWork
Who: The Adults and Students
What: This is Apple’s version of Microsoft Office, but of course made differently. However, unlike Microsoft Office it is a lot easier to use. Replacing Word’s complicated options, is a simpler and quicker software solution allowing users to write anything from newspapers to reports. iWork contains the ability to make slideshows, and charts on top of their version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint which have the similar improvements to them. Additionally, Apple has created a mobile version of iWork for your editing needs on the iPad.
Price: Starting at $79

5. Dragon
Who: The Adults and Students
What: One of the best speech recognition software on the Mac software market. This means you talk into your computer and it automatically writes what you say with the free iPhone and iPad app. This is helpful when writing a long report or when you don’t have time to write anything, like while driving.
Price: Starting at $99.99

6. Bower and Wilkins P5 Hi-Fi Headphones
Who: The Avid Music Listeners
What:  Bower and Wilkins’ first mobile product, the P5 headphones.  These headphones boast only the best materials creating beautiful headphones. Bower and Wilkins have incorporated their renown Hi-Fi sound into these headphones.
Price: Starting at $299

7. Targus Velos Messenger Bag
Who: The Traveling Apple Users
What: A stylish, fun, bag features interchangeable color straps giving it a whole different look with different straps from Targus. The Velos Messenger easily protects up to a 15.4 inch laptop.
Price: Starts at: $74.99

8. Flip Mino HD
Who: The Traveling Camera Man
What: A sleek pocket video camera meaning to capture those moments you’ll want to remember.  The Flip Mino HD captures 720p video (2 hours on the 8 GB model).  It also features a flip out USB arm to fit directly into either a PC or Mac.
Price: 8 GB model starts at $229 (Available in a variety of different flavors)

9. Popular Science+ App
Who: The Geek
What: Enjoy the Popular Science Magazine on the go with the iPad app. Popular Science+ brings reading a magazine on the iPad in a new way with interactive photos and text taking full advantage of the beautiful iPad screen and multi-touch interface.
Price: $2.99 during December

10. DODOcase for iPad
Who: The iPad user
What: The beautiful handmade  DODOcase make in the heart of San Francisco brings the traditional moleskin cover with a crafted bamboo case to the modern day iPad. The DODOcase puts the iPad in incognito of peering eyes with the carefully crafted binding and colors. Keep your iPad away from your bookshelf!
Price: Starts at $59.95

11. Shure SE115m+

Who: The Music Enjoying Driver
What: Lightweight and compact headphones, the Shure 115m+ boast the Shure SE sound.  The Shure 115m+ also include a three button remote located on the cable, allowing hands free calls, and less accidents!
Price: Starts at $119.95

12. Shure SRH240m+
Who: Over the ear lovers
What: A set of very comfortable Shure Over the ear headphones.  This set has 40mm Neodymium drivers, as well as a three button remote.  The Srh 240M+ are a great bargain for those iPhone users wanting to listen to quality music, and take calls.
Price: Starts at $79.95

Let us know, what did you wish for or what should we have added to the list?