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10 billion App Downloads Countdown, here we go!

10 billion apps, WOW. That is one of the words that can describe this feat that Apple accomplished and it will be here shortly. 10 billion apps is such an amazing feat that Apple is going to give $10,000.00 in iTunes gift card to the 10 billionth app downloader. All you need to do is have any iPod that is able to download apps, find an app for you, download it and hope that you are the 10 billionth winner. It is all luck but hey, I wouldn’t mind having an extra $10,000.00 at my disposable. The accomplishments that Apple has created are incredible. From the first app ever downloaded until now, Apple has dominated this industry. Apps are commonly found on many devices now, but Apple is certainly the one that has created this booming industry. 10 billion apps downloaded are just unthinkable now. We all think that it must have been ages ago that the 1 billion app was ever downloaded. That happened on April 23, 2009, only two years ago. That really isn’t to long compare too many other accomplishments. With many new apps that come out every day, it isn’t a huge surprise that more apps are being downloaded faster then ever. Since the billionth app was downloaded, apps are being downloaded so much faster now. It only took six more months for the 2 billionth app to be downloaded. That is four times as faster than it took for the 1 billionth to be downloaded.

Many more people are buying iPods which means that many more consumers will be downloading apps. This also means that there have to be a lot of great minds out there. It takes a lot of work to create an app and a lot more of luck for the app to be successful. With the strict rules and regulations that Apple has on app designers, I’m surprised there are so many designers. I am extremely glad that there are though, I love playing a new app every day. From the textfree designers to the cut the rope designers, there is an app for everybody. My favorite app is The Weather Channel app. It gives me instant access to hourly weather reports, 10 day weather, and I love the severe weather. It lets me know what to be careful of especially storms. If this is my favorite app, what’s your favorite app?


AirPlay gone wireless

What is AirPlay?  AirPlay allows the user to stream videos and music wirelessly through your iTouch, iPhone, iPod with the iTunes music player with iOS 4.2. iOS 4.2 is updated software that comes with many new features such as AirPlay. When you find that one incredible picture that you want to show to a party, you can stream it to your T.V. effortlessly. The whole party will be astonished at the picture and how easily you sent your picture to the T.V., no wires attached. All you need is an Apple T.V. and you will be worry free. Technically of course because nothing is worry free. You can stream your videos easily to your T.V. Just think, you’re watching an amazing action scene on your iTouch. That little screen doesn’t give you enough emotion so instead you turn your T.V. on and click the AirPlay icon and there you go. The full action scene except on your T.V. that is easily bigger to see then on your iTouch.

The ease of use of the AirPlay is definitely recognizable. I always have those moments when I want to watch an action scene, but sadly I have to see it on my iTouch. Now that AirPlay has come out, I love the way that I can turn my T.V. on and easily play that action scene. Now that many movies have come out with major effects, it makes AirPlay that much more useful.