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People always ask me, what is your favorite App. The minute almost anyone gets asked this question, they immediately think about their favorite games. I was the same. I was wondering, did I like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope more, or maybe I am just a big fan of Doodle Jump. Then I remembered a sunday when my beloved Baltimore Ravens were playing in the playoffs, and I had to stay at an even without a TV or computer for the entire day. If it wasn’t for the ESPN Score Center App, I would have never made it through those few hours when I knew they were playing, much less the entire day. Therefore, I have to say the best Apps ever created are Sports apps. They are the unsung heroes, the dark horses of the app world. Now, not everyone even knows apps like these exist, much less how to find them. Well, here is an easy “walkthrough” on how to find some of these apps.

1   First go to the Apple website

2   You will see the home page up in front of you. On the left hand side, there is a search bar. Enter in “sport apps”

3   Apple will give you a list of results for “sports apps” . Click on the first result labeled “Web apps – Sports”

4    There it will display many pages of Apps that can be sorted by popularity, how recently they were uploaded or alphabetically.

The important thing about these Apps aren’t that they have amazing graphics, which they don’t, or even that they are fun to watch, which they aren’t because loading times can be terrible. The important thing is that they give you the information you want, when you want it.

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