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HyperDock, an improvement from Apple

Apple has a new revampedHyperDock, but doesn’t it look like Windows 7? The HyperDock lets the user create more shortcuts, Window previews, Window management, make spaces, manage your playlist, and create your iCal. With HyperDock, you can create and manage your own shortcuts. With Windows previews, you can preview the tabs you have open on the internet, finder, or anything that has multiple windows open at the same time. Usually you have multiple tabs open on the internet and it is very difficult to read the letter previews. All you have to do is lay the mouse over the window and instantly your tabs open up to small previews of that page. This feature is very handy when you want to see that one tab fast and easy. You can also drag one document to the sideof your screen and it instantly cuts it in half, then you drag the other page to another side of the screen and it cuts that page in half. Instantly you can read from one page and gather information from the other. With the control of iTunes, HyperDock makes it so simple to change music. Without even opening iTunes up, it shows the song and album artwork with a pause, next and back song track. These additions make your Mac so much more faster and easier access.

The HyperDock is generally a very good thing for your Mac. It makes using a computer so much easier and faster. The only problem is that these features are almost exactly the same as Windows 7. Every feature that HyperDock has is almost the exact same thing that Windows offers with their software. It seems as if Apple has taken a page from Microsoft and has used it to their advantage. I think that Microsoft will be upset over the fact that Apple can’t make decisions for themselves. This competition between a Mac and PC has just been drawn again. This definitely is an improvement for Apple. In every way possible this shows that Apple is willing to make changes and take a page from Microsoft. Maybe Microsoft will take something from Apple next?


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