The Magic Trackpad, a whole different story

The Magic Trackpad is a new and totally awesome device by Apple. The Trackpad takes over and lets your fingers do all the work. It does away with a mouse and lets the user have a more hands on experience. You can do all the same features with the Trackpad as you can with a mouse. You can still scroll, swipe, and click but without a mouse there. The Magic Trackpad makes your Mac desktop experience the same as if you had a MacBook Pro with you. The Magic Trackpad gives the user a feeling as if theyhad a full set of devices in their hands on one device. When swiping through a page, it feels as if you are flipping through a book. The Magic Trackpad is completely wireless and is powered by Bluetooth technology. The Magic Trackpad has the same features as the MacBook Pro but with 80% more area. It gives the user more space to work with and freedom. You may be thinking that it doesn’t fit with the keyboard though. There is an upside to it, the Trackpad is exactly the same length as the keyboard and side by side, they fit perfectly. The battery life is amazing on the Trackpad. It has an on and off switch so that you can not just days, but months of battery life. It works up to 33 feet away from your desktop.

Wow, the Magic Trackpad definitely has blown me away. How Apple ever invents these devices completely bewilders me. This device does away with your mouse and gives the user a lot more freedom. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of your mouse, but it gives you more options. Apple also lets you change the types of scrolling you want. Apple lets you change the features they have set for you. It makes the user feel as if they are free to do what they want without being held back. I definitely think that the Magic Trackpad is a complete upgrade over anything Apple has come out with in awhile. Sure they may have their many devices with the new iTouch, iPhone, MacBook Air, and on and on, but the Magic Trackpad is a whole different story.

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