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iPhone 5 in October

Many people have been waiting to see if the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 is coming out soon or not. There have been rumors that it’s going to be the iPhone 4S coming out this fall and that the iPhone 5 will come out in January 2012. But based on the recent news from BGR, the iPhone 5 will launch in early October. BGR has gotten information from one of their sources that the AT&T Vice President has told managers: “Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly.” The iPhone 5 is expected to have an 8-Megapixel camera with full HD 1080p. It will also feature a 4-inch screen, new antenna location, and it will be only 0.28 inch thick. It may also have a dual core processor. Some speculate a 3D screen. There are also rumors that they will be equipped with NFC chips.

When it comes to U.S. phone carriers, we already know that Verizon Wireless and AT&T will sell the iPhone 5, but what is new is that Sprint and T-Mobile are said to also start selling the iPhone. If Sprint and T-Mobile do sell the iPhone, expect to see their data usage prices go up. Ever since Verizon has been selling the iPhone, they don’t give unlimited data anymore. On a recent article called AT&T to Throttle Unlimited Data, companies are throttling data usage. Companies are starting to not give unlimited anymore. Watch for Sprint and T-Mobile to stop selling unlimited data once the iPhone 5 comes to them. Sprint doesn’t have a top competitor smartphone like the iPhone, so it doesn’t have to worry about the data usage as much as AT&T or Verizon. Keep a look out for more iPhone 5 news on www.therealmacgenius.com. Comments or questions? Drop them below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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iPhone 5 Specs

Is the new real iPhone 5, or is it just another prototype? Many sources are confirming that the new iPhone 5 will be a completely new re-design unlike the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Sources are saying that the new iPhone 5 will not be anything like the iPhone 4 and is going away from the square shape. Instead, the iPhone 5 is said to look like the 2010 MacBook Air’s design. It is said to look like a “teardrop” going from thicker to thinner from the top to bottom. This is jus a prototype because Apple will surely test many different products before the iPhone 5 hits the market. The design looks like the fourth-generation iPod tough. It is very thin and the display is bigger going from 3.5 inches to 3.7 inches, the pixels are staying the same though.


The new home button is like a stretched out circle. On the prototype, it may be a gesture-based home button. That has to be just a little bit cool. Apple is also trying to see if they can hide the earpiece and the sensors behind the screen. That will make the iPhone 5 a little cleaner and a little more like the fourth-generation iPod touch. Keep in mind that this information is exactly true. There will continue to be a lot of new iPhone prototypes. This iPhone 5 is what could be the new iPhone 5, but we will not know until Apple itself introduces the iPhone 5. There will be many new sources that come with different designs and dimensions of the iPhone 5. Stay tuned for more information and we will continue to deliver the news. What do you think of the new iPhone 5? Drop a comment below and let us know.


The white iPhone 4 will arrive this spring

The white iPhone 4, which was supposed to be released in June 2010, has been confirmed to be released this spring. The delay was caused by the leakage of light through the glass plate and onto the camera sensor. Apple declined to comment about the companies that would be the carriers for the white iPhone 4, but Bloomberg reported that both AT&T and Verizon Wireless would get it. It is also highly probable that the iPhone 5 will be delayed.

This wasn’t the first time that there was a problem with the iPhone. There were also issues with the antenna causing reception problems. Apple needs to get on the ball. Nobody is happy when there are delays. Punctuality is very important. If people are waiting for the iPhone and it doesn’t come out in time, then they will end up buying a different phone. Are you going to buy the white iPhone 4 or wait until the iPhone 5 comes out?

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Rumor Roundup: iPhone 5

There are many people who are looking forward to the new iPhone 5. With a new Apple product on the look out, rumors are spreading like wildfire. One of the first rumors is that the new iPhone 5 will be made of metal, instead of the aluminosilicate glass used in the iPhone 4. Using metal for the back of the iPhone 5, added to the stainless steel band on the iPhone 4 would make the iPhone 5 completely metal based. Making the new iPhone 5 have a metal back would be much better than using the aluminosilicate glass for the back. The metal is more durable then the glass and wouldn’t shatter. The glass back would also add more weight to the phone and had stress-fracture issue due to sliding cases for the iPhone 4. With a metal back, the new iPhone 5 will be more durable and resilient. It would be similar to how Apple makes its Mac computers with a metal unibody. The metal would be thinner than the glass, so you can have a lighter feel to it. The iPhone 5 is most likely to follow the iPhone 4’s design and continue to have a flat back. There have been some iPhone 5 cases that were leaked to confirm this design.

There have also been some rumors that the screen will be 4 inches instead of 3.5 inches. The camera may also improve from a 5-megapixel to an 8-megapixel. Some other rumors are that the iPhone 5 will most likely be available in white, which is highly probably. The iPad 2 has dual-core A5 chips, so the iPhone 5 should also have it. One rumor that is very interesting is that the iPhone 5 will have NFC Technology, or near field communication technology. The iPhone 5 will use NFC to make your iPhone 5 act like a credit card. With all these rumors going around, you have to wonder, which rumors are true and which are false. You have to wait until the iPhone 5 launches to find out, which is rumored to be near June — September.

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