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iPhone 6 Rumor Roundup (Screen)

With the release date coming around the corner in Fall 2014, Apple’s next innovation has analysts guessing as to what features Apple will end up implementing in the iPhone 6.

 Here we will look together at some of the most popular rumors surrounding the screen on the upcoming iPhone:  Screen Size: Reports expect a larger screen. Ranging from 4.5 inches to 5.7 inches, rumors speculate that the screen size must be upgraded in order to compete with other top smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4.  If the screen is to be bumped up to size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (5.7 inch screen) it would be at the midpoint between the iPad Mini and the current iPhone 5s/5. According to analyst Brian White, Apple’s iPhone 6 will be a 5 inch screen after meeting with an Apple supplier, he is confident such a screen will appear on the 2014 model of Apple’s iPhone. Other rumors suspect that Apple may release two different size models, with one close to the 6inch range and one much closer to the 4 inches sported by the current iPhone.  Materials: There are also reports of Apple deciding to use sapphire for the screen material. reports that“Apple just procured enough sapphire crystal furnace to make 100-200m five-inch iPhone displays in Arizona”. If they were to use sapphire, the screens would be scratch-resistant, as well as far more expensive due to the cost of sapphire.

Some also believe that the screen will be curved rather than flat.  If Apple were to carry out such a feature, they would be running a large risk that many other cell phones have taken and have not seen much success with (see

As the release date comes closer, we will continue to update you on the newest rumors circulating. Give us your opinion on what Apple may include in their newest iPhone          

Photo USA

Photo USA offers products ranging from iPhone cases to Christmas ornaments, all of which can be customized with your own photos. The good news is that these cases come at a reasonable price especially when customization is factored in. Although the images are high quality, the cases themselves are not. The iPhone cases are made fully of thin, factory plastic and simply snap on to the back of the iPhone with small hinges.


If you are looking for customization, you may have stumbled across a goldmine. If you are looking for protection, you may want to look elsewhere.


For all the MacBook Pro and Air Users out there, GRIFITI has introduced Palm Pads Made with silicone bases. These pads are not only easily repositionable, but they are also easily removable when needed.  The palm pads definitely increase the comfort level while typing, and are sleek enough to not obstruct the screen on the MacBook Pro from closing. I did however test them on the MacBook Air, and while it did close to the point of shutting off the screen, I found them to be more of a hassle because of the relative thickness compared to the thinness of the Macbook Air.


For around 10 dollars, I recommend any MacBook Pro users looking for an easy way to have transportable comfort to check these out. They also offer wrist pads (12 inch and 17 inch) for those looking for even more support. 

App Review: Osmos

After playing Osmos on the iPad, I can clearly say that this one is a game changer. Osmos brings together melodic sounds, as well as a seemingly intense play. The game involves the player as a blue cell who absorbs smaller cells. The goal is simple, absorb the others yet Hemisphere games makes the process so ever rewarding. Osmos features two game types: Odyssey and Arcade. Odyssey is the story mode while the arcade mode is more to jump in and play. Osmos offers a unique gaming experience that draws the player into the world of survival that is boosted by fluid control, stunning graphics, and an addictive story mode.

Osmos comes on both the iPhone and the iPad. I would say, if you have an iPad this game is an absolute must, while for those with iPhones I would recommend this to those who use their iPhones mainly for games.

Price: $4.99 (iPad) $2.99 (iPhone)

Producer: Hemisphere Games