Mimobots: The Stylish USB Drives

Anybody who thinks flash drives can’t be fun should think again. I was recently introduced into a whole new world of flash drives created by a company called Mimoco. This Boston based company is renowned for their collectible line of designer USB flash drives called Mimobots.

Their elite collection includes collaborations with crossover artists and major licensed brands, bringing USB drives that look great to their consumers. A few of their existing licenses include DC Comics, Star Wars and Sanrio, the maker behind Hello Kitty®. What really stands out for the Mimobot drives isn’t really the speed of the drives, but rather the true uniqueness behind each and every one of the products released.

Mimobots bring a sense of style into the electronic world– bridging the gap between technology and art. Offered at 2, 4, 8, and 16gb of storage space, pricing for Mimobots begins at $19.99 for the lowest capacity, but increases with the size. Although Mimobots are not the cheapest option on the market, their head-turning appeal more than makes up for the price difference. Mimobots are not only stylish but also useful–we all need a flash drive, so why not sport one that reflects your individuality! I would recommend Mimobots to anyone and everyone.



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I personally enjoy a utilitarian type of design that I can fit in the pocket that shadows my left behind or in my front pocket!  Maybe it’s just me or is it that these designs are for asians exclusively…they feature wild imaginative things that are impossible.  Therefore, you reviewing this has made me believe that you are indeed one of those asians with those chinky eyes.  However, you seem well versed in macs so you must be some type of hipster asian who runs around with short shorts on with old tall men for fun.  Whoever you are, have a great day!  But, really, you should really reconsider jobs…your writing is subpar!

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