App Review: Osmos

After playing Osmos on the iPad, I can clearly say that this one is a game changer. Osmos brings together melodic sounds, as well as a seemingly intense play. The game involves the player as a blue cell who absorbs smaller cells. The goal is simple, absorb the others yet Hemisphere games makes the process so ever rewarding. Osmos features two game types: Odyssey and Arcade. Odyssey is the story mode while the arcade mode is more to jump in and play. Osmos offers a unique gaming experience that draws the player into the world of survival that is boosted by fluid control, stunning graphics, and an addictive story mode.

Osmos comes on both the iPhone and the iPad. I would say, if you have an iPad this game is an absolute must, while for those with iPhones I would recommend this to those who use their iPhones mainly for games.

Price: $4.99 (iPad) $2.99 (iPhone)

Producer: Hemisphere Games