5 thoughts on “Apple WWDC: Windows vs. Mac OS X

    post! I enjoyed reading..however as per my point of view Mac is much faster
    than windows because it uses less system resources and delivers more output.
    Even windows has a plus point i.e. its can be installed and evecuted on any
    system like celeron, AMD, Pentium and I series(i3, i5, i7).
    Susan Smith.

  2. That was just just plain low and kind of mean!!! I think competitiveness is good, but a flame-baiting isn’t really a good attitude. I believe that those operating systems have the users as targets as they are being developed, and for a great part, users behavior are essentially the same. So as we advance more and more in time we’ll see that to meet those users requirements, companies will start to develop technologies that are essentially similar. If apple had legitimate claims to make, they should have brought that in court.   

  3. The difference between Microsoft and Apple (or other Linux products) is that Microsoft is a Technology Integrator (buy and plug) but Apple is a Technology Innovator.

  4. I think that the rivalry has become more transparent in the coming years. But, Bertrand was a little harsh on Redmond.

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