Apple’s iPad, Top 1/3 Fortune 500 Company

Apple’s iconic figure and CEO maybe on medial leave, but that hasn’t hindered the success of Apple’s Fourtune 500 companies. Yes, their multiple Fortune 500 companies, from iPad to App Store that would be ranked in the top 1/3 if the product were just a company within itself. The success of Apple’s iPad has increased over the last 6 months. In the recent New York Times Article, Lohr writes about the extreme growth of Apple’s latest mobile device, the iPad. What fascinates me the most, the iPad is less than 1 years old from it’s release date from April 2010!

A little more than a decade a go, Apple was once “60 days from bankrupt”, but has turned the corner to great amazing products. The iPad was just warming up in 2010. The iPad is estimated to bring in $15 – 20 billion in revenue from it’s first year on market.

The amazing platform Apple has created not only makes you want to buy an iPad, but an iPhone, and maybe an iPod touch for someone else. Let’s look at the revenue for Apple $499 (16GB iPad) + $199 (16GB iPhone 4) + $229 (8GB iPod touch) = $927 – close to $1,000 per customer not bad! And that doesn’t include the people who may purchase a iMac to be a companion with their new iPad, so we can add at least $1,200 to the $1,000 revenue for Apple.

The $2,200 profit was just based on hardware, did you forget about the App Store? Though most popular priced apps are only $.99 to $1.99, the price can add up. It is estimated to be an approximate $50 per consumer for the iOS App Store and remember Apple gets 30% of the price. Now their is the Mac App Store and prices are increasingly higher. From $29.99 (Pixelmator – our review) to $79.99 (Aperture) – Aperture is made from Apple so that’s 100% profit in that instance. The App Store in itself is an estimate in 2011 to bring in $15 bilion dollars. That’s another Fortune 500 company within itself.

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