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Info on the iOS 4.2 update

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Apple has a reputation for releasing huge amounts of information at once, and they certainly didn’t let us down this time. Apple has just announced about a dozen new software improvements for Apple portable devices. Well, I should be more specific than that. Apple states that the iOS 4.2 is compatible with these following devices:

-iPhone 3G

-iPhone 3GS

-iPhone 4

-iPod touch second generation

-iPod touch third generation

-iPod touch fourth generation

-and of course the iPad

These updates range anywhere from tracking your device to making your personal notes in different fonts. Obviously, some are more sought after than others, and a full list and description of each update can be found online in However, it is still great that Apple gave us these new updates for a number of reasons.

  1. Hey, it is free. Who can really complain about that?
  2. It is easy to access. All you have to do is sync your device with the computer.
  3. You can do more. Sure, it didn’t completely change the experience of owning one of these devices, but it certainly allows you to do more. Never before could I wirelessly stream off of my Apple devices onto my TV at home, or even wirelessly print off of my device. These are great improvements and should be noted as such.

Now lets be honest. These updates are amazing, and most importantly, free. So have fun downloading them and testing them out and stay tuned for more Apple news.

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