Folders, Unclutter your life

Folders, how they organize our lives like no tomorrow. Without folders, our lives would be so cluttered, paper flying everywhere and we still can’t find that one paper we need. The same goes with our iTouch, iPhone, or iPad. Our home screen and other pages have so many apps it takes awhile to find one. That why Apple has created folders for us to use. Our home screens are always cluttered with so many apps that it’s difficult to find one app that we really app. Of course there is the search button for your use, but sometimes finding the app is easier then typing it in. Using folders are very easy actually. All you do is hold onto an app until the screen starts shaking. Then you hold onto an app and drag it onto another app. It will automatically make it into a folder. From there, the folder can hold up to 12 apps and you can also rename the app.

I personally love the use of the folders. It clears up my home screen and makes my iTouch look better. Other people like the use of apps because it makes them look like they have more apps. Which is technically does, but it definitely matters on your own choice. Everybody likes something different, but I prefer the folders. The ease of use stares at you in the face. It speeds up the process looking for apps. It also gathers all the same items of the same likeness and puts them into a folder.


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