New iPad comes with a camera

The iPad is a technological advancement in Apple’s product line. Many people say that it is just a big iTouch, but it is more then just that. The iPad is a do it all, large screen,  awesome device, and it just got better. According to, OmniVision will supply CMOS image sensors for a second generation Apple iPad. The second generation iPad is said to release in the first quarter of 2011. According the Detweiler Fenton, an investment firm, has said that the iPad will come with two cameras. The iPad contains a 5 megapixel camera and a VGA camera and most likely will support Apple’s facetime video chat software. Apple has been the top of this certain industry because of their innovative designs and their willingness to change their products. The new iPad will a good change because many consumers like Facetime and having the ability to take pictures.

I think this is a  great move to have cameras on the iPad. Many consumers like cameras because they get to capture memories and cameras are very useful in many situations. The iPad now has an advantage over many eBook readers because the iPad can do many more things then just read a book. You can go on the internet, play games, watch movies and listen to music. With the addition of a camera, Apple has leaped over the competition and in my opnion, taken the top spot in ereaders.

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