Apple’s online store in China a success!

Within 24 hours since the launch of the online Apple Store, the Apple Store sold out its entire stock of iPhone 4s. The new online Apple Store was a huge success in China. Apple wants to access China’s growing economy and online shopping market by selling Apple products through the new online Apple Store. With access to China’s growing market, Apple will be able to make about US $ 17.91 billion worth of transactions in the third quarter of 2010. The online Apple Store will be a more convenient way for China’s consumers to purchase Apple products. Unauthorized resellers are a big problem in China and are cause for concern. Apple hopes that the online store will prevent the selling of Apple products from unauthorized resellers because more people will more likely buy it directly from the new online Apple Store.

Apple’s success in China was inevitable. Apple is so popular in the United States, so why wouldn’t it be in China? iPhone 4s sold out within 24 hours. I am pretty sure that is a good sign. The online Apple Store will have to restock though and I would recommend that you check back often. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this topic.


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