Apple iPhone – Carriers = Good Idea?

Will the Apple iPhone have its own SIM card? In Europe, sources say have reported that Apple and Gemalto have been working closely together to develop a special SIM card for the Apple iPhone to be used in Europe. The SIM card would allow users to purchase the Apple iPhone directly from Apple’s online store or an Apple Retail Store. After purchasing the Apple iPhone, you can get the phone to work by using the App Store.

The SIM card, which is usually used to carry identification information about the subscriber for the carrier, will be integrated into the iPhone. The SIM card will allow people to buy the phone through Apple’s online store or at an Apple Retail Store and choose their carrier at the time of purchase. An application that is available from the App Store also allows customers the ability to purchase the phone and choose their phone carrier through that application. Both reduce the need for visiting or calling a cell phone carrier.

If Apple does use this new SIM card, it would cut out cell phone carriers out of the device retail game, even though the phone will still be allowed to operate on cell phone carriers. The Gemalto SIM card is embedded in a chip that has a flash component that can be modified and a ROM area. The ROM area alone contains the data related to IT and network security. The flash component would receive the carrier information and data.

This new idea would be very ideal for Europe because of the many carriers. It would also be an advantage for people who travel and want to swap carriers depending on where they are, such as other countries. This is very convenient for consumers and would be a great advantage for the Apple iPhone. Let us know what you think.


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