Quick Tip: Want to find out which applications are downloading?

Most of the time when I go and get all my updates from the App Store, I just click download all, but once I do this, they all disappear from the App Store update section.  So if you want to find out which of your applications are downloading check out this tip.  The best way to find out which ones haven’t started downloading, but are waiting to download, just type in the spotlight search “Waiting”(without the quotes).  You should end up seeing something similar to this:

If you want to find which application specifically is downloading, just type in “Loading”(Again, without the quotes).  You should see a screen like this(If you want to find out why this occurs keep reading after the break):

This occurs, because when an application begins to download from the App Store it changes the name briefly to show you which are downloading or waiting, and in case the App Developer has decided on a name change, it wants to be able to change the name in a way that doesn’t seem sporadic, so you will be able to find your app after is upgrades.

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