iPhone OS or Android OS?

In September, ChangeWave surveys showed an increase of preference for the Google Android operating system. However, the iPhone OS still remains the number one preference. The ChangeWave surveys show that after the huge jump due to the release of the iPhone 4 in June, iPhone OS preference decreased from 50% to 38%. It also states that Google Android OS preference increased from 30% to 37%. BlackBerry Research in Motion’s operating system preference increased from 5% to 6%. Windows Mobile preference decreased from 2% to 1%.

ChangeWave surveys also report satisfaction rates of the operating systems based on the percentage of people that are very satisfied with his or her operating system. 74% of customers who use the Apple iPhone OS are very satisfied. 65% of customers who use the Google Android OS are very satisfied. The satisfaction rate of the Apple iPhone OS and the Google Android OS are high compared to the satisfaction rate of the Palm OS/Web OS, BlackBerry RIM OS, and Windows Mobile. The Palm OS/Web OS satisfaction rate is a mere 32%. The BlackBerry RIM OS satisfaction rate is only 31% and the Windows Mobile satisfaction rate is only 24%.

In conclusion, the Google Android operating system is becoming the next best operating system, while the current number one operating system, the Apple iPhone operating system, is declining. The ChangeWave surveys demonstrate the upward momentum of the Google Android operating system and the downward momentum of the Apple iPhone operating system. Certain features are probably the reason behind the decline in the Apple iPhone operating system preference. The iPhone OS now allows you to multitask and organize folders, but the Android operating system already had those features. What do you think?

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