iOS 4.1 Breakdown

If you have not heard yet, a new update is coming to an iPhone or iPod touch near you!  You can expect this update next week, but I am expecting it early( as early as tuesday of next week).  But I digress now let’s get down to business and tear this update apart and see what’s new and see my favorites of this update.

HDR Photography

Be a photographer myself I was already familiar with HDR photos, or High Dynamic Range photos.  This is a cool feature that helps to “pop” those small features out in your photos.  It works by taking three pictures at the same time, but here is where it getting interesting.  It over exposes one, under exposes one, and the last is taken at normal exposure.  These are all then combined together, and then bam, you have an HDR photo.  I think this is definitely gonna be a cool feature I am going to be using a lot.

Game Center

Have you ever been playing a game on your iPhone and thought, I really want to play my friend right now.  Well no longer will you have to think that anymore.  You will be able to challenge your friends in any game that develops allow support for game center in.  But not only is game center only going to allow you to challenge friends, but you will be able to post high scores and compete with friends in scores as well.  One game already known to support game center will be Angry Birds.

Bug Fixes

There are also going to be some bug fixes to clean everything up.  One big one is going to be the proximity sensor fix.  It has been sorta annoying when I accidentally put my phone on speaker phone when my proximity sensor decides it doesn’t want to work.  There will also be some other minor bug fixes to fix up any other known problems at this time.


I am excited for this update, especially game center.  I guess Nick and I will finally be able to find out who is the real champion at Angry Birds now!

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