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How to: Make Free Ringtones in iTunes

Don’t want to pay for a ringtone online? Ever since Apple took out the feature to buy a ringtone in iTunes 10, where does that leave you? Don’t worry because I am going to show you a quick and easy way to make a ringtone from the iTunes music in your library.

The first step is to launch iTunes and find the song that you want to make a ringtone out of and put it into a new playlist. After selecting the song, press command + I and a new screen will pop up.  Select “Options” from the new window. Then select the which part of the song that you want to use for your ringtone in the boxes that say “Start Time” and “Stop Time. Make sure it’s 30 seconds and that the boxes on the sides are clicked. Then click “OK” and right click on the song, scroll down select “Create AAC Version”. By  doing this, you have created a new song. Find the new song in “Finder” by going to “Music” folder, then “iTunes” folder, finding the folder with the bands name, and then clicking on the album title. You should see two of the same song names. Choose the newest song by looking at the date modified. Press “Enter” to change the file format and change “.m4a” to “.m4r” and press “Use .m4r”. Now go back to iTunes and remove the song from your playlist, but make sure not to move it to “Trash”. Then re-import the song into iTunes by double clicking the song in “Finder”. You might notice if you click command + I that in summary it is listed as a ringtone. Then sync the new ringtone with your iPhone.

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