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Hello eager readers! Today I have two new tips for you! I’ll show you how to set up reminders through iCal and I’ll introduce you to a notification application that keeps you up to date on the activity of running applications!

Hello eager readers! Today I have a couple new tips for you.

To start, I have a new tip that sets up notifications to remind you about upcoming iCal events.

Next, a notification application that keeps you apprised of the activity of certain running applications.

First, I would like to talk about the iCal reminder tip. To start, fire up iCal and select the event about which you want to be reminded. Click (Command + I) or double click. Next, select the style of message to notify you. I usually use the message with sound, which will display a window above all running windows. In the window, it alerts you with the sound of your choice. If you pick the Email option, it will send an email to the desired address. Ergo, the “Email option.”

The other tip that I would like to provide is about an application that I currently use on my Mac everyday!

The application is called GrowlGrowl assists in a variety of ways: notifying when a file has been downloaded, or when an iChat buddy comes online. After installing Growl, it will install to System Preferences and be added as a pane. From there you can customize away!

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