Average Joe’s Biweekly Tips and Tricks

This week I have a couple of new tricks. The first reveals extra settings in your toolbar and my second trick is how to change the look of a file or application icon.

In the first trick, you can reveal some extra settings in your tool bar by a few simple steps.

To reveal the extra settings, all you have to do is press “alt” + [one of the icons on the right side of the toolbar]. For example, if you click “alt” + “the airport icon,” up pops info about your airport (left).

The second trick is how to change your file or application icon to your own customized icon.

First, you will need an image to replace the existing one. You can either download app images online off of apple.com or you can get your own personalized photos. Click on the photo or image you want to replace the original, and click “apple” + “c” to copy.

Next, go to the applications folder or click on a file once in finder. Then click “apple” + “i” which will bring up the info. Next, click on the picture of the icon on the top left hand corner. Paste the new photo by hitting “apple” + “v” and you have a new icon! It’s that simple.

Let us know what you think! Post similar Tips and Tricks below!

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