Make MacBook and MacBook Pro Backlight Keyboard Dance

Here is a neat Monday trick. Have you every wanted to make your MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboard dance? Even thought about it? Neither did I, but after I saw this neat trick I had to write about it!

iSpazz is a plugin that you install by uncompressing the .zip file and moving the plugin to ~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins. If you are new to Mac OS X, the ~ stands for your home folder. So, on my computer where I would copy the iTunes Plugin would be Nick/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins. It is an extremely cool plugin because your keyboard will light up in sync with your currently playing track. Pretty cool!

Once you add iSpazz, in iTunes go to View>Visualizer>iSpazz. Play a track, and prepare to party. If you are a DJ, this would be extremely cool, especially if you are using a Mac to power your media.

Image Source: OSXDaily

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