iPhone OS 4.0, iLife ’10, iTablet/iSlate

It’s offical, Apple sent out letters to specific media companies asking them to join Apple while they reveal their “latest creations.” The event will be based on three aspects: iPhone OS 4.0, a new version of iLife – likely ’10, and the so called tablet.

iPhone OS 4.0 is due to have more amazing features added. There are rumors that support Apple allowing some iPhone apps to run in the background, and multi-gestures to e added. Unfortunately, there is not a new iPhone to debut at the January event, but one may be announced later this year. Because of some of the hardware limitations iPhone OS can only have so many new features, since the iPhones battery is terrible.

At the January event, Apple is supposed to relase a new version of iLife. Probably iLife ’10. There is not too much talk about the new version of iLife, but I would expect something cool to be announced, such as new features in iMovie and iPhoto.

The long awaited iTablet is due to come. The rumors keep coming and I believe that it’s coming true. There are a multitude of mock ups and what people think it will look like.

What are your thoughts, opinions, or comments?

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I have to admit, I’m not a huge iPhone fan. I had one (albeit the original non 3g version) and it just doesn’t work in the corporate setting. I’m back to BlackBerry, which is a very solid platform but definitely not sexy. When do you see the two platforms converging and either Rim offering an iPhone emulator or Apple doing the same for BB?

I think thats a question that’s debatable. The reason is because Apple has an ego, so I do not believe that they would emulate the BB. However, it Apple might consider emulating the BB, if Apple is able to gain market share in the corporate environment.

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