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Everyone has heard of the App Store — even if you despise Apple products (Though this is an Apple Blog). Over the past few days, Palm’s “App Store” has reached 1% of Apple’s App Store. In case you’re wondering, they have 1005 apps. The Apple App Store has over 100,000 apps — WOW impressive! All I have to say is that Apps have truly changed the way people feel about their mobile devices. A few years ago, applications on a phone would only been thought of as a small game application. However, now it is something like Call of Duty on the iPhone. Amazing if you think about it!

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With 100,000 apps, how do you know what is garbage and what is not? To me, there are too many available. When I search for something I want to find a good quality app that functions as described – especially if I pay money for it. Do you think the filtering criteria for apps is too lax? What (if any) apps on the iPhone would you really pay for?

The App Store is not as small as it was when it first begun. You bring up some very good points. In my opinion, I do believe that some of the apps in the App Store are absolutely horrible, but many people are complaining about the app approval process so Apple has to be a little more lax than I would like them to be. I think the best way to find good apps on the App Store is to ask fellow colleagues about what apps they use most often and why and to google “Best iPhone Apps.” Some of my personal favorite apps are: BeejiveIM, an excellent IM application that has push notifications, simple to use UI, updates for the app are rather quick, but it will set you back $9.99; however, there are sometimes sales for the app at $4.99. Red Laser ($1.99) is another favorite app of mine, it can scan the UPC code with the camera and it will run a google search to see if it can find a cheaper price or alternative places to purchase. Lastly, my most favorite app has to be Things($9.99), Things is what I like to call a to-do app on steroids. Its sleek, fast, and very easy to use, but still gives extremely powerful features. Also, Things is also an application of Mac OS X, so you are able to sync your iPhone to-dos with your Mac to-dos. Hope this helps!

I saw the Red Laser app used – awesome! But I agree, the only real way to find out about these great apps is by talking to people. Is there an external forum for iPhone app ratings?

A good place to go is, it’s very update and has good content. I normally just go on the App Store and look for reviews. But as you said, asking people about their favorite apps is the best way to figure out what are truly good apps.

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