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How to Sync Your iPhone or iPod Touch Wirelessly with your Mac

A myriad amount of people wonder, is it possible to sync my iPhone wirelessly with my Mac? If so, how can I? Well, the answer to the question is “Yes and No”, what I mean by “Yes and No” is it is possible to sync your iPhone wirelessly with your Mac, but you need have your iPhone jailbroken. To learn more about jailbreaking, read our “What is Jailbreaking?” article here.
So, now that I have briefly discussed about syncing your iPhone wirelessly, how do I do it? Well, let’s get started!

– 10 minutes of your time
– Jaibroken iOS Device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad)
– Backup of your iOS Device
– iTunes closed
– Download and install the required application for your Operating System (here)

Let’s begin

On your iOS device, launch Cydia and press the “Search” tab. In the “Search” tab, type in “Wi-Fi Sync” and select the option. Purchase the app from Cydia and get ready to sync.

Time to Pair

Now that the Wi-Fi Sync app has been downloaded, make sure the Wi-Fi Sync app is launched on your Mac (It should be located on the Menu Bar of the Mac). Then on your iOS Device, launch the Wi-Fi Sync app and it will search for your computer. Your computer should prompt you asking if you would like to pair with your device. Select “Yes” and also select “Yes” on the iOS Device. Now, you will be ready to sync!

Syncing Time

It’s time to launch iTunes, if it’s not open, go ahead and fire up iTunes. The syncing process should now commence. Be prepared to be amazed to see your iDevice and iTunes to be “Sync in Progress.” Do not exit the app! After the sync has completed, you may exit the app.

Finish Line

The pairing process was a onetime setup requirement. From now on, just launch the Wi-Fi Sync app and iTunes and the syncing should start.

This is an awesome idea and I’m curious to know why Apple hasn’t implemented it yet. What are your thoughts, let us know and leave a comment!