Making Searching your Computer Faster

A lot of people think simplicity is bliss, and I am definitely one of those people.  Today I am going to be showing you two awesome applications that help to replace Spotlight. The first is called Quicksilver (QS). Quicksilver, for me, was sort of difficult to get used to at first, but with time it became a very useful tool.  For me, it really did not shorten my time of searching with it instead of Spotlight.  However, if you are looking for something new that looks very sleek you should check out Quicksilver.  Quicksilver, also sports the ability of an extremely customizable interface and there are many different themes and plugins to add to Quicksilver – just check Google!

The next computer search is called Google Quick Search Box.  The reason why this is a little better in my opinion is the fact that is that it searches your computer and it also gives you the option to search on Google.  It actually has helped save some time when I want to search something on Google, but when searching around the computer, I have not found any significant differences in time saving.

Google Quick Search Box:


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