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Add Some Extra ‘Magic’ to Your Trackpad with BTT

Apple finally got the trackpad right when they made it glass, multi-touch, and entirely clickable; but it gets even magic-er with a little customization courtesy of Better Touch Tool.

Apple natively offers some (limited) customization of trackpad gestures, but the free application BetterTouchTool deserves credit for making the hardware as useful as it is. BTT allows you to assign commands to 50+ gestures – from ‘5 finger swipe down’ to ‘3 finger tip-tap left’ – and better yet, assign unique gestures to unique applications. BTT also implements the pretty useful ‘Snap’ feature found in Windows 7, used to view two windows side by side (which I find very useful when comparing or transcribing data).

My favorite implementation of BTT is in Chrome; where four finger swipes left and right move me between tabs and three finger swipes up and down create and close tabs. I also  use it to control Spaces (five finger tap to view all, ‘tip finger swipe’ to switch between) which allowed me to actually enjoy the benefits spaces without having to wait for OSX Lion. Other cool features are ‘Live View’; a window that shows you’re finger motions on a virtual trackpad and the command that is recognized (so you can practice your ‘tip-taps’ and ‘tip swipes’), and you can easily toggle BTT on and off from the taskbar in case you have to share your mac with your clumsy fingered roomate.

The trackpad has come quite a long way (and has definitely destroyed its portable-input-device competition) and while it may not yet be ideal for gaming, graphic design, and other involved processes, it adds significant value over the mouse in everyday tasks; like web, editing documents, and viewing media, and may even beat out the mouse and become the input method of choice for the everyday user. I mean IBM definitely never created a desktop version of their ThinkPad’s little red dot…

For more details head to the Better Touch Tool site, or if you’ve heard enough download it now.

Laptop Bag Review Week: Golla Jade 13″ Laptop Bag

Golla Jade 13″ Laptop Bag
Website: Golla USA
Price: $74.99

Material: Polyester and Nylon

Laptop Bag Review Week Gallery


In addition to the Golla Sunny 10.2″ Laptop Sleeve, the Jade 13″ Laptop Bag is an eye catching shade of purple with an abundance of flowers. In contrast to other bags in Laptop Bag Review Week, the Jade 13″ Laptop Bag targets mostly the female population. Currently, while a vast majority of the bags for laptops are more “male friendly,” female co-workers commented that the bag was designed with a “woman in mind.” At initial glance, the Golla Jade 13″ Laptop Bag has a simplistic look, where the inside contains many pockets for the traveling person.

Main Compartments:

Inside, there are numerous amounts of pockets. The Golla Jade 13″ Laptop Bag possess a cushioned laptop compartment that fits my 13″ MacBook Pro snuggly, a zipper pocket, and four additional pockets for accessories. When testing the bag, I was extremely happy with how secure my laptop felt in the bag. Also, because it has many inner pockets, it is effortless to find a compartment to store miscellaneous items I would like to take with me.

Straps and Zippers:

In all of the Golla bags I have used before, I have always been impressed with their level of quality. Through the rigorous testing bags go through in our labs, the zippers, without fail, never break! The zippers are flexible, so unzip and zip the bag as many times as you wish and the zippers hold up. Unnoticeable at first sight, the Golla Jade 13″ Laptop Bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, as well as top handles by which you can either carry it or use as shoulder straps.

Outside Compartments & Miscellaneous Compartments:

As if the inside compartment did not have enough pockets, the Golla Jade 13″ Laptop Bag has two outside compartments. One that can be easily used as compartment for storing a laptop charger and the other for miscellaneous accessories. These outside compartments can be used for quick access when time is short.


Have a 13″ laptop or know someone who does? This would be a perfect laptop bag if you are looking for one with many pockets and can be easily transported. The bag looks very clean on the outside but it’s powerful on the inside. Containing a multitude of pockets is perfect for carrying many accessories. However, if you are looking for more of a “male looking” laptop bag, we recommend reading the review of the Golla 13″ Metro Laptop Sleeve.

Have a Golla Jade 13″ Laptop Bag? Leave a comment!

Laptop Bag Review Week: Golla 13″ Metro Laptop Sleeve

Golla 12-13” Metro

Website: Golla

Material: Polyester

Laptop Bag Review Week Gallery


Golla is a company based in Finland that makes bags that are both safe for your computer and fashionable.  They have many bags for laptops, iPods/iPhones, mobile phones, and other mobile devices.  The Metro for 13” computers is one of the great bags that Golla makes.  It is a laptop sleeve that is great for taking your computer with you wherever you need to go.


The Metro is a small, compact sleeve for your computer that is great for just taking your computer with you. Its main compartment holds your laptop; however, there is a velcro pocket on the back that is good for holding papers.

Straps and Zippers:

The Metro has one collapsible strap that is great for carrying around the bag.  It fits right back into the side of the case when you are finished with it.  The zippers are similar to the zippers on the Onyx 13”.  They are sturdy and are padded with rubber for a better grip.  The zipper is strong is unlikely to break.


The Golla Metro 13” is a good bag that, again, is stylish and durable.  I feel very safe when my laptop is in this bag.  It is great for anyone who doesn’t want a full back back, but wants a nice bag in which to carry their laptop.  It is great for taking your laptop over to a friend’s house for projects, or taking your laptop to work in style.  If you would like to see the Metro, it can be seen here at Golla’s website.

Tell us your experience with the Metro! Leave a comment.