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Time to Change That Wallpaper

“Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.” -Oscar Wilde

Customization goes hand-in-hand with the iPad. One of the easiest changes to make is your wallpaper. The iPad ships with 30 wallpaper images. Your photo library can also act as a wallpaper library, but unless your library is full of abstract art or fancy nature photos, your pictures wouldn’t come close to the packaged wallpapers.

Lucky for you that there are a host of websites available for downloading iPad wallpaper. For free. Even luckier for you, I took a gander at five of them to help you find that perfect wallpaper.

1. iPad Wallpapers HD By far this site has the largest selection. They have a huge bank of Apple logo images, illustrations, and photography. They also have a large selection of “women wallpapers.” You can register with the site if you want to give your own hand at making wallpapers.

2. iPad Wallpapers This site has a good selection of pictures to choose from, though the  page looks cluttered with its wallpaper selection jumbled in with ads. They even have a link to some apps, though none of them have anything to do with wallpaper, nor do they look interesting. Make sure to click the link on the left menu for the wallpapers, and not on the top (more ads).

2. iPad Wallpaper.org The categories here range from 3D to Sports. The site has some Apple logo wallpapers, as well as some cool nature pictures.

4. noupe This site had a blog entry that included the “55 Beautiful Apple iPad Wallpapers.” Certainly a tall claim, but they seem to live up to it. They have awesome pics of Iron Man and Thor.

5. Designrfix You thought the best 55 wallpapers was great? How about the top 70+? Kind of makes you wonder why they can’t just do the top 100, but meh. Anyways, the majority of the graphics will blow your eyes away.

Once you’ve downloaded that perfect picture to your iPad, setting it as your wallpaper is simple:

  1. Click on the Settings app, and select Brightness and Wallpaper.
  2. Select Wallpaper and then choose Saved Photos.
  3. Once you choose your picture, it will show as a full screen preview.
  4. Finally, select whether you would like the wallpaper to be for the Lock Screen, the Home Screen, or both.

Whether you want to pay homage to Apple with a cool logo design, admire a picturesque nature scene, or stare at a bikini model, there are many options out there for you.

Of course, if you’re as much a fanboy as I am, you’ll most likely drift back to the packaged wallpapers once the novelty wears off.

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There seems to be some questioning about whether or not tablets (not just the iPad1) are here to stay. Katherine Noyes compains that they don’t offer enough functionality, and pans the iPad directly2. Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak didn’t seem too impressed with the future of tablets by remarking that they were only for “normal people” (whatever that means).

And certainly with the waxing and waning of the netbook still fresh in our minds, it’s easy to see that the latest gadgets aren’t necessarily the greatest3.

However, I think the reason for the netbook’s demise (other than the iPad) was that it didn’t represent a paradigm shift. Sure, it was kind of cool to see them out in public for the first time (“That’s your computer? How is it so small?”), but in the end it didn’t have anything new to offer. I think the poor economy was the main reason for its popularity.

Now tablets do come to the table with something new. Instead of install disks there are app stores, they are all solid state, and no mouse is required. Paradigm shift.

So what does this all mean for the future? Moore’s Law states that technology gets faster and smaller4. I think in the end, it will shrink to the point of not even being physical anymore. Movies, such as Iron Man 2, Minority Report, and Final Fantasy: Spirits Within5 depict computing as manipulating holograms, which is the way I too imagine computers going. But in the interim, that means that people will demand smaller technology. And that means tablets.

With Motorolla Xoom sales not even topping 100,000 units sold and different tablet projects getting killed before they even hit the streets, that means it’s the iPad for now. You can also read a previous article, comparing the iPad to the Galaxy Tab.

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1Please don’t read into this article that I’m trying to say iPads are the coolest ever, and they’ll always dominate. In fact, I hope the purported “iPad killer” does come along. Competition between developers leads to choices for the customer. It’s not like Apple has exactly gotten lazy about developing the iPad, but just imagine what could happen if push came to shove.

2Of course, in the same breath, she says smartphones have more functionality than the iPad.

3I would love to see a VH1 “Behind the Music” for the netbook

4Try comparing ENIAC to the iPad 2.

5Yeah, I went there. Sorry.

Verizon iPad 3G Connectivity Problem

What’s up with the iPad 2? A great piece of technology, but it seems to be experiencing one of its greatest necessities, the 3G part. Since the beginning of April, users have been experiencing an issue with the connectivity with the Verizon iPad 2. When a user turns off their iPad and turns it back on, the user tends to lose their 3G connectivity. They then have to reboot their whole iPad in order for it to find the 3G again. We all know it is a big hassle to reboot our iPad’s because it does take some time for the iPad to start up again. There is a solution to this problem: 1) Turn the cellular data switch on. 2) Power off your iPad. 3) Power on your iPad. 4) Turn on cellular data. 5) The Verizon connectivity should work again. Many users still experience the same problem even if they follow these steps. Rebooting your iPad 2 is the best solution until Apple finds a fix for this problem. Apple has acknowledged this problem and is working hard to fix this. In the new iOS 4.3.2 update, the solution should be in the update. In the mean time, keep rebooting your iPad 2 until you get connect back to the 3G. There doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem just yet. This problem doesn’t seem to affect the Wi-Fi connectivity or AT&T’s 3G network.


Heat to Head: iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab

As the tablet wars are just beginning, what device will you choose? Samsung has been doing relatively well with their success on mobile touch screen devices, but Apple has proven their dominancy throughout the past years. Samsung has recently refreshed their beloved Galaxy Tab and has many attributes where it trumps the iPad 2. But overall, which device will fit your lifestyle better. What will your iPad be used for and the price differences that should be considered. Also, don’t forget the cost of 3G service can start to add up.

Remember, that this is only a comparison of hardware. The user experience will differ, the iOS tends to be more user friendly than the Android; however, the Android boasts more of a “geeky” experience. Don’t forget the apps, the App Store has a plethora of apps in contrast to the Marketplace.

Device Apple iPad 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab
OS iOS 4.3 Android 3.0 Honeycomb
Display & Resolution 9.7 inches IPS LCD 1024×768 pixels 10.1 inches WXGA
1280 x 800 pixels
Processor 1GHz Dual-Core A5
9x GPU Performance
1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual-Core
Memory Storage 16GB / 32GB / 64GB 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
Micro-SD Card Slot/Expandable No Yes
Micro SD Up to 32GB
Rear-Camera 720p HD Video Recording Capable 3 MP with LED Flash 1080p, 720p HD Video Recording Capable
Front-Camera VGA 2 MP
Connecting Ports 30 pin connector (limited) USB 2.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n
3G Quadband HSPA
4G Support No HSPA+ 4G
App Market Apple App Store Android Marketplace
Amazon Appstore
Barometer No No
Gyroscope Yes Yes
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Adobe Flash No Yes
Battery Life (Running) 10 Hours 10 Hours
Dimensions & Weight 241.2 x 185.7 x 8.8
613g (AT&T), 607g(Verizon)
601g (Wi-Fi)
256.6 x 172.9 x 8.6 mm
595 grams
Carrier AT&T, Verizon AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile
Price (3G Models) $629(16GB), $729(32GB), $829(64GB), $499(16GB), $599(32GB)
TestFreaks Average 10/10 n/a

How To Mod an iPad 2 Case

The Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is by far more advanced than the original iPad Case with its slim design, magnets, and an auto sleep mode. It’s crazy that the cover for the iPad 2 is as much a marvel as the device itself. I’m actually surprised Apple didn’t brand it with its logo. Yet the one area where the iPad Case beats the Smart Cover is in providing full protection for the iPad. The Smart Cover lacks a back. It’s easy to see why this is so, and until a third party vendor comes up with something, your options are limited.

However, with a second cover and an X-Acto knife, you can have the best of both worlds. The TPU Thermoplastic Polyurethane Resin Skin Cover from Hand Held Items is a flexible, yet protective back cover. It’s advertised as a special type of material that won’t crack. That property can be used to combine it with the Smart Cover. Once you have the TPU cover, place it on your iPad 2. Mark on it where the magnets of the Smart Cover will attach to the iPad’s left side. Then, using the X-Acto knife, cut out the marked lines. The top hole will be the easier of the two, since for some reason, there is already a hole there. Snap the Smart Cover on and check how it fits. Adjust as necessary.

iPad 2 with Smart Cover and TPU case

The beauty about this mod is that the Smart Cover’s functionality is not imposed upon at all. It still folds nicely for propping the iPad 2 and will put it to sleep when placed across the screen. The iPad 2’s slim design is not compromised at all with a bulky case. The only downside is that you might need to pull the Smart Cover’s edge slightly to make it perfectly line up with the iPad 2’s side (though that might not be the case with some fine tuning). For those wanting to mod the TPU even further, a standard hole punch tool will provide a nice opening for the iPad 2’s mic on top.

The TPU comes in a variety of colors, though it looks like clear and a couple of other varieties are out of stock as of the publishing of this article. For $5.99, the price can’t be beat.

Take fully protecting your iPad 2 into your own hands.

Special thanks to Lorie Lee for the idea.