Verizon iPad 3G Connectivity Problem

What’s up with the iPad 2? A great piece of technology, but it seems to be experiencing one of its greatest necessities, the 3G part. Since the beginning of April, users have been experiencing an issue with the connectivity with the Verizon iPad 2. When a user turns off their iPad and turns it back on, the user tends to lose their 3G connectivity. They then have to reboot their whole iPad in order for it to find the 3G again. We all know it is a big hassle to reboot our iPad’s because it does take some time for the iPad to start up again. There is a solution to this problem: 1) Turn the cellular data switch on. 2) Power off your iPad. 3) Power on your iPad. 4) Turn on cellular data. 5) The Verizon connectivity should work again. Many users still experience the same problem even if they follow these steps. Rebooting your iPad 2 is the best solution until Apple finds a fix for this problem. Apple has acknowledged this problem and is working hard to fix this. In the new iOS 4.3.2 update, the solution should be in the update. In the mean time, keep rebooting your iPad 2 until you get connect back to the 3G. There doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem just yet. This problem doesn’t seem to affect the Wi-Fi connectivity or AT&T’s 3G network.


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