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Apple Blows up the Internet

Like many other tech writers, I was watching the Apple keynote in anticipation of something huge. Apple’s market share is something that is important to note before explaining exactly how Apple blew up the internet. Please check out our previous article on market share.

Despite the domination and persistence of Apple in the market, it seems that the entire world was their demanding audience this fall, expecting breakthrough technology that would reestablish Apple as “The Innovator.”

So, when Apple presented the joke that is the iPhone 8, I could genuinely feel my article writing itself into the back of my hand like the black quill from Harry Potter. After writing our article on the iPhone 8 rumors, I was personally ashamed to be a supporter of this company.

Not only does the iPhone 8 fulfill a “Bad” and an “Ugly” rumor from our rumors article, this includes the wireless charging and the curved glass back, but it also has little to no improvements in many regards like the camera, the resolution, and most things in between.

But, just after the preview of this horrific device, Tim Cook came out and said that they were not done yet. The lights went dark and the trailer for the iPhone X began. The iPhone X was the exact innovation that we were looking for. All screen, no border, all camera, front and back. To say the very least, I was impressed and so was the world.

Thanks a lot Apple for toying with our hearts like that.

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