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The Problem with Comparing Apple Market Share

Apple’s “market share” is often thrashed on the internet by tech writers with regard to iOS. Yet, there is an intrinsic flaw to analyzing the success and domination of Apple in this way.

First off, despite this “intrinsic flaw,” iOS, in fact, has grown in market share in all places except China since last year according to statistics from the Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveal. iOS has increased in market share in the first quarter since 2016 by over 5%, stealing from Android’s drop of 4.2%.

Although Android still holds more market share, it is almost unfair to compare iOS and Android because most Android devices are built by different companies such as Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony, and, of course, Google itself. It is still incredibly impressive that iOS holds its own against so many different devices in such a huge way considering the only company that can use iOS is Apple itself. In this way, iPhone dominates the market over most other devices.

In fact, research taken by Parks Associates displays clearly that the iPhone itself owns more of the market than any other device. Parks Associates found that out of the 86% of households that own a smartphone, the Apple iPhone accounted for 40% of it, while the next competitor, Samsung, held a fleeting 31% and LG retained 10%.

If compared appropriately, it is clearly evident that Apple is dominating the smartphone market.

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