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The Basics and More: Text Edit

Basics of How to Use

Text Edit in words is a very simple version of Microsoft’s Word. Text Edit is very self-explanatory application. It will allow you to change fonts, sizes, bold, colors of words, and much more. Some of the fallbacks of Text Edit is that it does not have the special features that Word has like making charts, or creating special documents.

Useful Things

Like I have said, Text Edit is a very simple application, but it also has some very useful features like Spelling and Grammar Check. Another thing that is very useful is that you can save the file as a PDF. Moreover, if you have any questions on how to use this application you can go to the Top Menu Bar, select Help and type in your problem.


Clearly, Text Edit is a very simple Application that is very useful if you don’t want to pay for Word. Text Edit is a great application for people who don’t need anything fancy and just want to get down to writing.


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