i can haz iPhone?

Is it possible to own an Android phone and still be a Mac? The answer: yes. I own a MyTouch 3G from T-Mobile. I happen to like T-Mobile and the MyTouch isn’t all too bad. I’ve been with T-Mobile for a couple of years, I’m still under contract with them, and they have pretty decent phone and data plans. The only thing I don’t like about them? They always seem to be the last to pick up the newest phones. Case in point, a couple of years ago I wanted the Motorola RAZR. Guess who didn’t carry them? But I waited, and that eventually paid off because I was able to get it the next year.

It would only be a matter of months, though, before I discovered that RAZRs don’t like washer machines. Dryer machines too, for that matter.

Changing phone numbers is a hassle. I also knew from the get-go to stay clear away from AT&T. Previous experience taught me that they had the customer service of a seasick bureaucrat. Apple will end its exclusivity,” I thought. “Just wait.”

So now I went with the MyTouch 3G. No App Store, no FaceTime, no Find iPhone. But when it comes to smart phones, it’s not so bad. I can hit the Net, I can text, I can play Words With Friends, it has a camera. The basics, but enough to get by. Of course, the one feature my Android has over the iPhone is Swype. It’s awesome.

Would I love to have an iPhone? Uhh, yeah. But I want it with T-Mobile. The fact that Verizon carries the iPhone sets a great precedent. It’s starting to look like Apple will want the iPhone 5 to not care which type of network it’s on. The time will come for T-Mobile to carry the iPhone. It may be the iPhone 5 or 6, but it will happen. Just wait.

And as long as I don’t wash my new iPhone, I’ll be set.

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