Apple controlled 74% of the Tablet Market First Quarter

Based on Canalys, tablets count as PCs. The research firm is the first to do so and began its report on the first calendar quarter of 2011. Dell outsold Apple by 1.5 million units, pushing Apple to fourth place. Apple would have most likely been at third place if they were able to keep up with iPad 2 production and distribution. According to Canalys, tablet shipments reached 6.4 million units worldwide during the quarter. The iPad is said to account for 74% of the 6.4 million units. I predict that Apple can succeed in surpassing Dell in the near future.

‘Taking into consideration the iPad’s ‘halo effect’ on the company’s other products, Apple has grown considerably in most markets worldwide,’ said Canalys Analyst Tim Coulling. ‘As the iPad 2 and its competitors continue to roll out, we expect pad sales to propel PC market growth for the rest of the year.’

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