You want an iPhone nano!

Apple is bringing back the idea of an iPhone nano. The iPhone nano is about 1/3 smaller then the iPhone 4. Sources have said that Apple wants to launch more inexpensive phones to counteract with the Android phones. The iPhone nano would retail for $200 without the contract price. The iPhone nano is just a smaller version of the iPhone, but it still comes with all the features. The same components that are in the iPhone 4 would be put into the iPhone nano. I think that the iPhone nano would be a huge hit. With its small design, I believe that it will attract many people. The price tag will definitely draw some attention to it because it will be a good option to a new iPhone. I’m not exactly sure how a smaller screen will exactly work. The iPhone 4’s screen is a descent size, perfect for games and for texting. In comes a smaller screen which may cause for a lot of squinting. The texting could be a problem because the key board will be smaller. Many people already have a problem texting with the iPhone 4, with a smaller keyboard, more people would complain. Apple is known for scrapping many products, who’s to say that they won’t scrap this one either? I believe that Apple will have to go through many tests in order to put this product out on the market. I believe that it will work, but only Apple has the right to make it happen. Do you think it will work? Drop a comment below and let us know.


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