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Part One Traveling with the iPad: Apps

On my recent trip to Europe I decided to ditch my laptop and take my shiny iPad to save room in my carry-on bag. This inspired me to make a new series of traveling with an iPad whether it is international or domestic. In part one of traveling with your iPad I am going to show you some essential apps and other things to bring. With more to come.

Here are my top ten business traveling apps: Pages, Keynote, Dropbox (or Mobile Me iDisk), Evernote, American Airlines (or your airline), XE Currency, The World Weather, Flight Tracker, BBC News, and CNN News. Most of these apps are free, but some like Pages and Flight Tracker cost money. If you don’t want to spend money you can always find apps similar to these at the App Store for example Plain Text and Flight Status – Free. Some apps for when you travel around for vacation that pass the time and help out are: Twitter, Friendly for Facebook, Yelp, travel guide apps (depending on where you go), Adobe Ideas, TED, ABC Player (only in U.S.), any game (I would recommend a game that has a long duration so maybe one from Gameloft), a magazine app of your choosing (some of them are free, but you still have to buy the magazine; for the ones that cost money they come with the most current magazine, some examples of magazines are Wired, Fortune, or GQ), and the iBooks app. Apps like TED and Magazine apps need the Internet, but you can download them, so you can use them when you don’t have Internet.

You might also be thinking that I am wrong and you shouldn’t use this for business travel. Just as evidence that will support my idea of traveling with the iPad I wrote this whole article from my iPad and for those of you who don’t want to bring it because it is hard to type on. Buy an external keyboard for your iPad it will solve the problem and you can find one at for about a hundred dollars.

Clearly, the iPad is a convenient solution for travel if you don’t want to bring computer thanks to apps like Pages and Keynote that transform it into your computer away from home.

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thank you for sharing this man. i used to travel with my ipad too. and i find it more convenient because of the navigation apps.

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