iPhone 5Gs?

With WWDC 2011 around the corner, and the anniversary of the apple iPad announcement, we wonder what new and improved gadgets apple will bring to the table. Apple usually is always one step ahead of the competition, with “revolutions”. Last summer Apple’s greatest threat was the HTC Evo 4G. And till today, it is one of the most featured phones on the market. So what can we expect from apple this summer?

For starters, perhaps a white iPhone that is released ON TIME. Many of us think, what can apple possibly lack? Well there are probably gonna need a better camera. Many of the competitors have 8+ mega pixel camera’s. Apple told us that they were keeping the pixels the same size, capturing photons with a backside illuminated sensor. The pictures are quite well for a smart phone of it’s size, but an 8 mega-pixel or something close, is coming next. They have finally included a LED flash, but how about a Dual LED flash, with a dedicated flashlight app. Along with pictures comes video. Apple brought 720p to their phone, if they want to be on top of the game, how about some 1080p.

Now speaking of some great entertainment, I cannot see apple using a kickstand in their design, for they are all about flawless looks. Obviously we see it with the glass covering the front and back of the phone and it is a great protector for most scenarios. One of the newest things out there is gorilla glass, and with that on the iPhone, it will be very durable without any case. Next up could be a bigger screen. Now I’m not sure how they will do it, but rumors are going around about removing the home button… They say that the next iOS update will be able to return to the home screen, by bringing 5 fingers together. Currently that would be tricky but perhaps with a bigger screen it might be possible. But just where could they expand it? My guess is vertically to fill up some extra space, because they wouldn’t be able to grow horizontally, frankly because, no one wants a huge phone. The iPhone is a great sized phone on the market today, and I’m sure all of us wouldn’t want it any other way. Also with a bigger screen, apps would need to be modified, and a inch would probably optimize the whole OS.

Finally, by the far the biggest jump apple needs to make, is the switch to 4G. I have no doubt in my mind that the next iPhone will be “the biggest revolution in iPhone history” coming into the 4G market. With 4G in the picture, we will probably be able to FaceTime without Wi-Fi. And perhaps this is the fix to Verizon’s voice and data problem. Obviously these are just rumors and thoughts, because we all know that apple is very secret with their products. But our conclusions here at The Real Mac Genius is that the next iPhone will be known as the iPhone 4G.
Bottom Line New Features:

    • More mega-pixels in camera
    • Dual LED flash
    • new design
    • Bigger screen
    • 4G!

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