Apple & Android Covering Smartphone Ground

You probably all noticed that when you use your apps, there might be ads somewhere on the side. There are many ad companies that are trying to take advantage of all the apps available to smart phones. Global mobile ad network InMobi is making a big step to gain smartphone ad share. Last year in June, InMobi offered a $2 million dollar promotion for Apple and Android mobile app developers. How did it work? Usually InMobi keeps 40% of the advertising revenue, while the developer takes 60%, but during the promotion, the developer takes 100% of the advertising revenue. That encouraged people to sign up. By October 2010, InMobi was serving up 5.8 billion ad impressions on smart phones. The iPhone holds the largest amount of ad impressions for any single device out their. InMobi has also stated that in December, Android surpassed iPhone OS in holding the largest amount of ad impressions.

Google also purchased AdMob last year. With mobile advertising greatly increasing, Google wants to take advantage of all the different apps that publishers and developers make. Mobile advertising plays an important role in the marketing force. Apple at first did not allow any third-party mobile advertisers on its iAds mobile advertising platform, but it changed its agreement to allow third-party ad publishers.

Another big factor in the amount of mobile ad impressions on Apple and Android smart phone devices is the amount of activation claims. There are sources that say that there is a 2.5 to 1 ratio of Apple iPhone sales to Verizon Droid sales, but than again, there are also many other Android devices on other carriers. With the iPhone 4 becoming available at Verizon on February 10, 2011, I think iPhone 4 activation claims will increase and the iPhone 4 will definitely increase in mobile ad impressions. Ad companies should definitely keep an eye on the iPhone 4.

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