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iLife ’11

Apple has recently upgraded its iLife package in the new iLife 11. This new package allows for many new options. Inside the package are the upgraded forms of iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. These upgrades include full-screen views and a multitude of other improvements. For example, in iPhoto, you can now see all your works in an easy to use display, as well as a one click editor for photos. Also, in iMovie, you can create movie trailers out of home videos, and only have to drag and drop to make a movie and edit audio. In GarageBand, you can use GrooveMatching and FlexTime to create new music and you can test your skills while you are learning how to play an instrument. All of these features come together to create the new and improved iLife. Basically, this years update is well worth the money because of all of these new features.

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