Have you ever accidentally formatted an external hard drive that held your precious pictures from amazing vacation with your family.  Well, if you haven’t I know I have!  When this happens the first thing that goes through your head is “How will I get my pictures back?”  Well here is one solution, Disk Drill by Clever Flies.  This is a unique media recovery application because it gives the option to actually protect your device.  Another nice feature is the option to make a “Deep Scan” of your device, which is a much more complete scan of your device.  When I ran this scan on my 8 gb. flash drive, it was able to find picture, music, and documents that had to have been on there quite a few months ago.  The other option is to run a quick scan, which will most likely find anything that was last deleted on the device.  “Deep Scans” will take much longer than a quick scan, but if the data you are trying to recover is very important to you, then I would suggest using a “Deep scan.”  When I was testing Disk Drill, it worked perfectly every time.  If you want to check out this application for yourself visit Clever Flies website at http://www.cleverfiles.com/.  Visit their site now to try this application for free while it is still in beta mode!


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