Review: Disk Drill Data Recovery

Have you ever accidentally formatted an external hard drive that held your precious pictures from amazing vacation with your family.  Well, if you haven’t I know I have!  When this happens the first thing that goes through your head is “How will I get my pictures back?”  Well here is one solution, Disk Drill by Clever Flies.  This is a unique media recovery application because it gives the option to actually protect your device.  Another nice feature is the option to make a “Deep Scan” of your device, which is a much more complete scan of your device.  When I ran this scan on my 8 gb. flash drive, it was able to find picture, music, and documents that had to have been on there quite a few months ago.  The other option is to run a quick scan, which will most likely find anything that was last deleted on the device.  “Deep Scans” will take much longer than a quick scan, but if the data you are trying to recover is very important to you, then I would suggest using a “Deep scan.”  When I was testing Disk Drill, it worked perfectly every time.  If you want to check out this application for yourself visit Clever Flies website at  Visit their site now to try this application for free while it is still in beta mode!

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