Hulu+: Hulu’s next evil plot to destroy the world?

A quick way to sum up Hulu Plus is being able to watch your favorite Hulu content on the go.  Now you may be thinking that is amazing, but before you even go near that iTunes icon to go download it, there is a catch.  Hulu Plus comes with a small fee.  The app may be free and some of the content, but most of the content is “Plus” content or premium content.  You have to sign up for a plus account with Hulu to get this, but for those of you who are always traveling and may not be able to access a computer with wifi to access Hulu this may be for you, or if you have decided to cut back, or don’t have the budget to by a TV, and have decided to use Hulu instead, Hulu plus may be for you.  Hulu plus may be for you without a tv, as they are only able to show about five episodes of a tv show because of rights of the show, but if you get Hulu plus you can get the entire season of shows.  It is $9.99/month, so it isn’t too bad of a price to be able to get your favorite tv shows in HD on you iPhone, iPad, or any other device that has Hulu connection capabilities.  Hulu Plus may or may not be for you, but if you think it is and want to research a little more on Hulu Plus you should  check out their site here.

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