Flash Coming to an iPad Near You!

When the iPad was first announced, and everyone was told it would not support flash, some people were very sad. But a recent hacker, Comex, has been able to port flash. Now before you get too excited, this is not a complete version of flash. Comex calls this type of flash “Frash”.Video playback does not work as of yet, like if you wanted to watch something on Hulu, but you can play games that use mouse movements only, as it has not been configured for the keyboard to appear when playing games that uses input from the keyboard. To get frash, you need to first have a jailbroken iPad, and secondly find the file (included in the description of the youtube video), which is called “Frash-0.01.deb”. (Video after the break to show how to install Frash on your iPad) Warning we are not responsible if you mess up your iPad while trying to configure frash on your iPad.

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