iOS 4: What’s Great For The Rest of Us?

My brother, the tech incapable one, asked me a good question today. What is the difference between our iPhone 3G’s-not 3G S on 3.1.3 and iOS 4. Of course, just after watching the keynote, I say there is a bunch of stuff. But as I said that, I thought about it. What is new for 3G users? Then, I started compiling a list. And when I got pretty much to the end of the list, all I could find were a mere few new items to the 3G. Folders, that’s a plus, but no multitasking-unless bypassed modifying the N82AP plist. We have video calling, wait no only iPhone 4 to iPhone 4. We got those neat-o unified mailboxes, which will help make me more productive. Lastly, any upgraded graphics Apple put into the newest OS, but that is pretty much it. In the long run, there are not many new features for the 3G, due to “hardware restraints.” Hopefully, Apple could work on putting these other features, such as multitasking, into 3G’s by changing some of the code to make them work. Although, this would not be a smart business plan for Apple by supporting devices for longer than 2 years. This is my hope, but as the Rolling Stones say, “You can’t always get what you want.”

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