iPad HTML 5 Update

As we all guessed, when Apple announced the iPad would not have flash, but they would have HTML 5, we knew there would be a sudden rush for everyone to change their sites for the iPad.  Everyone is doing what they can to prepare for the iPad rush…even WE have our site set up for the iPad. But here is another company that is also preparing: CBS.  They are currently outfitting their site with HTML 5 to allow you to watch your favorite CBS show on the iPad, but not everything is finished quite yet, they are still working on some things, but most of it is finished.  Although the may not have their own app like ABC, it doesn’t matter to me, because now I can get caught up on my favorite show, Big Bang Theory, straight from my iPad.  If you would like to see more sites prepared with HTML 5 for the iPad, you can see a list here from Apple.

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